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The serene ocean explorer, ABZÛ has now been released and is available at major retailers on both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

ABZÛ is a deep sea explorer, made by 505Games and Giant Squid, which sees a diver explore the full extent of the ocean. The game is currently priced at $19.99 and is now available at GameStop, Bestbuy, Amazon, Target and more! In addition, the game is now available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, each version featuring unique retail exclusives.

The tranquil and elegant art style fully immerses the player, allowing them to experience the true magic of the deep ocean. ABZÛ features diverse wildlife, from turtles to sharks, and lush environments with kelp forests for the player to interact with while on their journey. The game has earned praise from fans and critics and was recently nominated for “Best Art Direction” by the Game Critics Association.

The mystery adventure is a calming journey for those that love to explore, at only $19.99, the game is a must have for art lovers and design enthusiasts. ABZÛ also features exclusive unlocks for those purchasing on Xbox and PlayStation such as exclusive background designs and dynamic themes.


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