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ArenaNet has an amazing adventure for you in the ‘Super Adventure Festival’ beginning March 30th!

Get ready to battle strange creatures for glory and fame. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to loot bad guys, kill bad guys, and save the princess.

The Super Adventure Festival

A couple years back a new festival was added to the roster for Guild Wars 2 and many are amused to play it. As a Minecraft inspired look, characters can get together to adventure. The place feels similar to an old school Zelda-styled game. A character starts at level one and begins to collect coins to purchase potions, equipment, and other goodies to progress. Scattered throughout the levels are shops where players replenish their supplies, even hang out in the cute blocky areas. Your character also has lives which you must manage in order to face the bosses. One being the frog boss – which I advise you not to try to solo.

The objective of this mode is to save Princess Miya but you have to stave off many creatures to get there. There is also a hard version of this called ‘Tribulation Mode’, where you can expect to die repeatedly. But don’t let that stop you, for you too can get a golden frog for your Guild Hall!


Super Adventure Festival begins on March 30th and ends on April 20th so don’t miss out! In light of this event, the official Guild Wars 2 store has swag like t-shirts and mousepads! ‘Welovefine‘ is a store created for fans by fans, so be sure to have a gander at all of the stuff! (ZOMG!! Aurene Messenger bag!!! I’m in!)

Believe me, it’s all sunshine and rainbows…

Check these amazing screenies from last year’s festival:

Until next time peeps!

All images are taken from ArenaNet’s game Guild Wars 2. These are in-game screenshots from 2016.

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