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Epic Games’ latest product, the 3rd person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Paragon has just announced its first inaugural Halloween event.

Paragon is the new MOBA from Epic Games, featuring 5 versus 5 team combat in the 3-lane map known as Agora. The game features a diverse cast of spell casters and futuristic mech makers, complete with a deck-building system. The card system functions in a similar capacity to items in Defence of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2) and League of Legends (LoL) with players able to upgrade their champions, their abilities and cards throughout the match.

Shadow’s Eve

It being almost Halloween and all, starting on October 11th and running until November 6th, all players will unlock a free ‘Dock-o-Lantern’ skin for the character Murdock. Players will have the chance to win other exclusive skins from the Shadow’s Eve collection by tuning in on white-listed community streams on Twitch including during official developer streams.


In addition, skin bundles will be cropping up in the in-game store with the added functionality that now, if you have already won a skin by watching a Paragon community streamer, the bundle is discounted so that you can purchase the rest of the skins without paying for the same skin twice! Epic Games also released a schedule allowing only 3 of the 6 skins up for grabs on Twitch each week. The first 3 being released are Feline Queen Sparrow, Mephisto Gideon and Sweet Dreams Chimera. Week 2 will allow players a chance at Skull-Bot-Twinblast, Spider Witch-Belica and Franken-Grux.

Patch Notes

Among the juicy snippets that Epic Games threw to the community, patch notes have been released for V.32.2. Although they appear to be a little thin, nonetheless they seem to address bugs and issues that have cropped up.

AI controlled heroes now move around inhibitors in a more consistent manner to prevent unintended pathing under inhibitors. Creep waves have also been fixed, now a Siege minion consistently spawns in with a wave of Super minions to maintain and improve the pushing power of a team able to take down an enemy inhibitor.

Card Updates

The weekly card pack coming out with V.32.2 features a trio of cards that may not be the flashiest utilities in the game but are sure to help out new players with beginner decks.

Fountain Spike is a useful card for physical damage heroes and helping characters that thrive in the jungle, helping boost their somewhat meager mana pools that little bit extra.

Continuing with a similar jungle-focused orientation, Guardian’s Key boosts health and physical damage, providing a good early game option to allow jungler’s to stay alive and keep on dishing out damage.

The ‘Dreadfast Relic’ is the curve ball in the pack, boosting life steal and critical damage. Both are stats that fell out of the meta-game along with the nerfs to life steal and critical damage. The card may not be for everyone. Dreadfast Relic’s active ability marks a target on hit with ability and any subsequent attacks on the target grants life steal to the attacker.


While this patch may not be looking to provide a bounty of balance changes, the community is very much in for an abundance of cosmetics and Halloween hijinks. See the trailer below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hflZdPj4hl8]

Paragon is a free-to-play MOBA from Epic Games, which is now in open beta. Try it now for free at Epic Gameswebsite.

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