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Spry Fox recently announced (Feb. 25) that they will be launching a closed alpha for Steambirds Alliance, a “massively-multiplayer co-operative bullet hell shooter.” It is a blend between Realm of the Mad God and the original Steambirds. Unlike the original Steambirds, it does not look like Steambirds: Alliance has turn-based combat. Those who end up being accepted into the alpha and participate in it will receive an exclusive special identifier once the game goes live!

Players will be controlling planes piloted by… avians! According to Spry Fox, the birds will be fighting for their freedom against an ancient foe which has not been revealed as of yet.

If you are interested in joining in the alpha, fill out the survey here.

A gif that cycles through birds available in Steambirds AllianceSpry Fox has provided several peeks into Steambirds: Alliance through:

If you haven’t heard of Spry Fox before, I strongly encourage you to try out their other games as they are all fantastically addictive. Some of my favourites are:

  • Alphabear (iOS/Android)
  • Triple Town (iOS/Android)
  • Road Not Taken (Steam and PSN)

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