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Hour of Devastation

Finally, the second and final set of Amonkhet will be released July 14, 2017 and it’s time for a light breakdown. We’ll take a look into the new and returning abilities to make sure you’re familiar with what to expect during release weekend.


Like Embalm from Amonkhet but better! This time the God Pharaoh is the one raising the living dead and making them a little bigger. If you aren’t familiar with Embalm from the last set, it simply lets you create an exact a token copy of the creature when it is in your graveyard. Externalize takes that ability one step further and turns your creature into a 4/4, shifting its power and toughness a little higher for the late game.

Adorned Pouncer is a perfect example of how this mechanic scales in the late game. A two mana 1/1 might not look great but the double strike will let it safely trade with your opponent’s smaller X/1 creatures. Then once this has moved to the graveyard, you can Eternalize for 5 mana giving you a huge creature able to deal plenty of damage late in the game.



Afflict is a brand new mechanic that makes blocking a little more problematic than usual. A triggered ability that activates when your creature is blocked will automatically deal ‘N’ damage.

Ammit Eternal, when blocked, will force your opponent to lose 3 life, but when unblocked becomes much larger and can potentially deal more damage to you.




Now Go Play!

The best way to truly familiarize yourself with the set is, of course, to get your hands on them and try them out! Make sure to check your local game store to sign up for the draft and sealed events from July 14th till 16th for the big release weekend! If you’re unfamiliar with the previous set Amonkhet, check out my last article here.

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