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Coming this October, a new arena will be released for Rocket League. AquaDome, filled with seafaring creatures and new cars!

As one would expect, the arena is underwater, providing a different aesthetic than what players have zipped around in. Graphically, we have a lot to look forward to with its sleek ‘seven seas’ inspired map, shark-filled waters, and colorful skins. Players will get to experience the feeling of battling underwater. Don’t let that scare you though, the water won’t enter the arena! (That we know of…)
Not only is there a new arena, but there will be two new DLC cars. Both cars will individually cost $1.99 USD and have a few advantages, which are inferred based on the look of each.

The Cars

Triton, aptly named, looks similar to the Batmobile. Having a smooth design and long length makes the ball easier to hit. For new players and competitors alike, this vehicle could be advantageous, because it appears to have excellent dribbling capabilities. Triton seems like it would have an easier time hitting the ball or players when in a match. Though, keep an eye out for this cars’ turning prowess because as a larger car, it may feel slower.

Proteus is the second car being released in the update. Its design is more akin to Grog and provides a height variant that the Triton does not. The car is shorter making it harder to hit the ball but it might feel like it turns faster. It’s also curvaceous, containing some neat jet attachments on the side, and looks like an underwater Jeep. It will require a more refined calculation to hit the ball, making it potentially harder to use for newer players.


These two cars will certainly add more variety for the players. AquaDome is sure to be a hit with its unique look contrary to the standard maps. The people at Psyonix continue to expand the game with each addition and are clearly passionate about their creation. The only question to answer is: are you ready to rumble under the sea?

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