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Recently, Square Enix launched an event in their mobile game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, announcing that they would be collaborating with Ariana Grande. She became a featured character in the game with an in-game avatar named “Dangerous Ariana”. Ariana sports a latex bunny outfit which she wears on the cover of her album, Dangerous Woman.

Along with the new event, Square Enix also released a music video of a “Final Fantasy” remix of Ariana’s hit song “Touch It” and followed it up with a video showing the behind the scenes of how the remix was made. After a staff meeting, a symphony and a very unexpected collaboration, Dangerous Ariana was born.


The in-game event for Dangerous Ariana is almost over however, so if you would like to recruit her, you need to download the game and log-on as soon as possible to get the unique unit.

Keep in mind that an event featuring Cloud Strife will also be happening soon this month following the end of this event, so be sure to stay locked into Brave Exvius.


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