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With a whole new year comes a whole lot of new changes for Atlas Reactor – the dazzlingly vibrant simultaneous turn-based arena game.


Free To Play

Atlas Reactor announced possibly the biggest change it is bringing to date – the decision to transition to a free-to-play business model. New players no longer have to worry about paying to access the content and can unlock new freelancers by collecting a new in-game currency called “Flux” simply by playing Player-vs-Player matches.

The new currency also allows returning players a sure-fire way to purchase skins and other items within the game such as Mod Tokens. This is a change sure to bring in those curious about the game, but previously deterred by its price point. The addition of a new way to collect items and cosmetics is a lovely touch for those players who have been chasing a specific skin too!


Season 2

With all of these changes, a new season in the story opens up including new chapters of missions and quests. Along with the exciting new lore bites and missions, comes the newest addition to the Freelancer roster – Brynn the Skywarden. Brynn is a front liner and with her arrival from the heavens comes new game types, such as “Random hero” brawls and so on. A new season means a fresh start for both new players and old and is sure to bolster the growing community.


Returning Players’ Care Package

To get to where it is now, Atlas Reactor has had a multitude of dedicated players paying the entrance fee and to them. Trion Worlds has extended a special thank-you. All players who have purchased the game in full before Jan. 17th will receive 10 seasonal loot matrices, 50,000 of the new “Flux” currency as well as 5,000 “ISO” and an exclusive emblem and icon. The care package will no doubt be well received among veterans as a welcomed gift for solidarity and support of the title.

Our sincere thanks goes out to the Trion Worlds developers for the hard work they continue to put in on the game. Long may it last as Atlas Reactor continues to grow both casually and competitively with the ESL series and community hosted tournaments.

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