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Atlas Reactor, the new turn-based PvP game from Trion Worlds has announced its partnership with ESL and new ranked season.

Atlas Reactor is the wonderfully colorful addition to Trion World’s portfolio, featuring a diverse range of Freelancers to choose from to battle in a 4 versus 4 arena, team deathmatch style. “Freelancers” are Atlas Reactor’s take on heroes or champions, each commanding a weird and wonderful set of skills, from lab experiments controlling long range artillery to a digital atom weaver. Following the official launch on October 4th, and subsequently the “Holo Haunt” update, as well as the introduction of Su-Ren and Juno. Atlas Reactor has teamed up with ESL in a bid to launch the competitive scene.

The developer team released a statement, inviting all players to get involved:

Join the ESL Community Cup! Then jump right into the upcoming Go4 Cup and aim for the monthly finals and a cash prize!

Oct 29th – Community Cup
Nov 5th – Community Cup
Nov 12th – Go4 Cup
Nov 19th – Go4 Cup
Nov 26th – November Monthly Final
Now is your chance to show your skills by competing against the best of the best for EU and NA!
– The Atlas Reactor Team

In addition to the announcement about the competitive scene, we got a teaser for a new Freelancer coming out soon.

Atlas Reactors‘ developers have hinted that this new Freelancer is heavily centered around being a mobile assassin, focusing on dashes and swift executions, although we will have to wait for more official details to come.

Ranked Mode Goes Live

Since ranked mode was implemented thus far in Atlas Reactor, no leaderboards or leagues had been established, and with a entry barrier of at least 50 PvP games played, there was no reason to pick the ranked queue over the normal PvP queue. This is now changing, with the introduction of leagues and end of season rewards. Trion Worlds has once again let the player base know they are confident and want to incentivize high level competition, be it via the leaderboards or events organized by ESL.ranks

The rankings are divided into 7 divisions, with Bronze being the starting end, and “contender” being the very best of the best. Players also earn “Prestige Points” for playing in ranked PvP, 10 for a win and 2 for a loss. At the end of the season, rewards will be handed out based on the number of “Prestige Points” a player accumulates.

Ranked mode features a pick and ban phase, in which teams alternate banning out 1 Freelancer and then proceed to create a team utilizing the remainder of the Freelancers available. The catch is there are no duplicates allowed, so only one of each hero can be on the playing field at any time. This is perhaps an effort to increase the diversity of Freelancers used, and help promote flexibility and dynamic strategy over static team compositions.

Atlas Reactor continues to grow, and hopefully with the new changes to the competitive scene, the game will grow even further.

Atlas Reactor is available both Free-To-Play and Buy-To-Play models from the Atlas Reactor website, go check it out for yourself! If you are a new player or are thinking about getting the game, have a look at this beginner’s guide kindly made by the Atlas Reactor team!


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