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Atlas Reactor releases latest patch, ‘Mad Love’, in time for Valentine’s Day!

Mad Love

The new patch swept in with a wave of new collectibles for players, including a host of rare Valentine’s Day themed skins such as the striking pirate Titus, or the belle with a bite, Celeste. Not only did players receive a whole host of new outfits to hunt, overcons have now been implemented, automatically displaying a small icon whenever a catalyst is used or the overcon name is written in the chat box.







Clone Combat

What if each team had no restriction on the same hero being picked more than once? What if the same hero was picked four times? Introducing Clone Combat, a new game mode released for the ‘Mad Love’ event. It pits two teams of 4 against each other in a battle to the death. One team uses the same freelancer (for example 4 players using Nix) while the other team uses a different freelancer (for instance PuP). This game mode might be incredibly entertaining but is everything but balanced, players are advised to play for fun rather than competitively.

In addition to all of the new features and updates, there have been a small number of balance changes for some freelancers. Kaigan has had some of his numbers shaved to reduce his damage potential in the early game. Dr. Finn received a boost to his bubble shield, allowing teammates to take a little bit more damage without having to worry about health. Quark did end up with a small reduction in self-healing to bring him up to par with other healers.

About Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor is a simultaneous turn-based team tactics game developed by Trion Worlds. It is available as both for free and for purchase on the Atlas Reactor website. For new players, or those thinking about getting the game, this beginner’s guide kindly made by the Atlas Reactor team will give you a good idea on what to expect!

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