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Niantic hit Pokémon GO cheaters with a ban wave on Friday, August 12. It has knocked out cheaters across the globe.

Many users of cheating programs took to Discord, Reddit, 4chan and Twitter to express frustration and confusion over their bans. Cheating players would use third-party programs to spoof locations, automate the process of walking and catching Pokémon. Most of these third-party programs were open source. Niantic has already taken legal steps to shut down cheating..


It is unclear how large of a percentage of cheaters were banned, but Niantic has set up a ban appeal page, probably to handle the influx of, “I didn’t do anything wrong,” emails they’ll be receiving from sour cheaters.

The coming days will test Niantic’s ability to keep up with cheaters. As dozens of developers have contributed to various cheating “GitHubs” ever since the game came out, it will be interesting to see how further anti-cheating implementations will play out and if there will be another ban wave in the upcoming days.

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