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Earlier this week a teaser trailer released with the hashtag #PrepareToDie which die-hard fans were hoping for another Dark Souls. Much to peoples’ surprise, it’s an announcement for a new IP called Code Vein. Let’s dive into the details.

Code Vein’s Story

After watching the trailer, immediately we see the animation style is quite striking (no pun intended), and feels like a game to really sink our teeth into (again.. oh nevermind). This game is a new hard action RPG done by Bandai Namco, the team that developed the game God Eater.

It is set in the near future but as per many things released from the minds of Japan, the world is ruined. Those that are left on this world are creatures like “Revenants” and Vampires with supernatural abilities. In this case, the Revenants live in a secluded society which is called the “Vein”, but these people have gone beyond ‘humanity’. Their memories are gone. Those that require blood are known as the “Lost.”

Buddy System

A main feature of the game is a Buddy system where a player can bring a partner AI along. Depending on which buddy you bring with you will change the face of the game. You will have to use the strengths of the two characters to survive against the “Lost”. Though, no buddy is the same. Each has a unique combat style and background story.

As translated from Twitter comes a statement from Hiroshi Yoshimura. (This statement is slightly altered to make sense in English.)

“Ongoing development delivers a dramatic discovery experience with your buddy into the jaws of the death-defying nightmare.”

The original Japanese tweet can be found here.

More Information

As of yet, there is not an official release date although it is said to release in 2018 on major consoles. The website for Code Vein is here.

There are a number of screenshots and the teaser video to give all the information about this game. Here are a few smexy shots from the game:

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