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Stoic, indie game developer, and Versus Evil, indie publisher, launched The Banner Saga 2 on Xbox One into the Games with Gold!  program. Xbox One gamers will also get an exclusive passive ability boost, the Tome of X, a book of catalogued pastimes, competition, puzzles. The item will be unlocked in-game and equipped when players reach the required level.

The Banner Saga for Xbox One launched earlier this year in April and was the first release of a planned three-part saga. It’s a story-driven tactical RPG that puts players in tough situations throughout their journey, forcing them to make hard and devastating decisions.

The game will launch on PlayStation4 on July 5th and PlayStation Plus members will be able to get 10% off Banner Saga 2 and 30% off the Banner Saga 1 and 2 pack.

Banner Saga 2 released in April this year on PC and Mac where it got very positive reviews. The soundtrack, which is composed by Austin Wintory, is also something you don’t want to miss.

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