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BATMAN – The Telltale Series Season Pass Disc arrived in stores in North America September 13th, and in Europe on September 16th. The Season Pass Disc is essentially an all-in-one deal and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will also include all five episodes in the season as the episodes roll out. The disc is available to purchase at retailers for a price of $29.99 USD.
Since premiering BATMAN – The Telltale Series last month, we’ve been thrilled by the reception from both BATMAN fans new to Telltale, and those already familiar with our model for interactive storytelling,” said Kevin Bruner, CEO and Co-Founder of Telltale Games.
The BATMAN series is a game that I plan on playing for sure, although it’s been some time since the game was released. However, after watching and reviewing the game with YouTubers game play, episode one allowed viewers to watch and partake in the new local multiplayer option called the ‘Crowd Play’ feature. Crowd Play grants the player to invite other players to participate in the players story. As with all of Telltale’s games, the decision making process is a true test to determine where the player stands within the community. Whether you’re right on the money with other players in the community or you’re way off. With the Crowd Play feature, other players have the opportunity to vote on all story decisions and “give feedback from their mobile devices using any web browser connected online when following along with the lead player on a main screen.

Crowd Play voting options for decisions

“This week, we’re happy to offer the game on a special disc at retailers worldwide, just in time for the gripping second episode launching September 20, which will influence the course of the season depending on the different paths players may take.” – Kevin Bruner, CEO

With BATMAN hitting the shelves, we figured we’d up the excitement about Telltale’s mega hit series, The Walking Dead with a confirmed appearance from our favorite character, Clementine. The Walking Dead Season three drops this Fall and we can’t wait!

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