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Happy Halloween Battlerite Fans!


The Battlerite Halloween update has been live for several hours now and already players are already enjoying the two new champions. Jumong “The Beast Hunter” and Ruh Kaan “The Crypt Warden” have entered the arena.

In addition to the new champions, players will now get to play on a new map, Blackstone Arena – Night and can ride into battle on the new mounts whilst pounding enemies with new legendary weapons.

Also with this update the unranked matchmaking system is live, allowing players everywhere the opportunity to play with friends without all the rage! As an added bonus, everyone will receive a cool pumpkin chest guaranteed to yield an epic Halloween item.

Finally, there is nothing scary about the 10% off Stunlock is currently offering for the early access game.

All together there are a bunch of new items to collect in the new patch, so get out there and start collecting them now so you can be the cool kid that was there for Battlerite’s Halloween 2016.



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