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After a trailer showing the wonderful integration of the real world and the Pokémon universe, Pokemon trainers around the globe have been anxiously awaiting for the release of Pokémon GO. Finally on July 6, 2016, all ages were able to become a real life Pokémon trainer (provided the servers stop crashing and actually run smoothly for more than an hour).

However, Niantic initially released Pokémon GO in the Australian and New Zeland areas exclusively, which caused an outrage on all social media platforms. Later that same day, however, Pokémon GO became available in the US as well. Canada, Europe, and South America are excepted to be available soon.

Bulbasaur profile in Pokemon GOPokémon GO currently focuses on the original 150 Pokémon. When you start the game, you will meet Professor Willow and create your character. From there, you have the option of Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle to start with.

Once you have your starter Pokémon selected, your adventure begins! Pokémon GO focuses on getting out in the real world and walking around to discover pokémon around you.

The Map

There are several ways to interact with the Pokémon world on your map. pokémon GO map

  • Pokéstops: Pokéstops are places you can go to collect items. Represented by a little blue cube when they’re too far to reach. When you get close enough to interact with a stop, it will appear as a blue spinning pokéball symbol.
  • Gyms: Once you reach level 5, you can begin battling in the many gyms scattered around the globe. Gyms are represented by different colored pedestals with Pokémon on top. You know which team (blue, red, or yellow) currently holds the gym by what color is displayed.
  • Moving Grass: You will see grass tufts which indicate an area with a higher chance of encountering Pokémon. Go there to see what is hiding!


The Interface

Pokémon GO has a strong and easy to figure out interface that all trainers can appreciate. Trainers are able to use items on their pokémon that have been affected in battles as well. Collect achievement badges for collecting a certain amount of pokémon, hatching eggs, and more!

Real Life Pokémon

Trainers have been having a blast sharing their real life Pokémon encounters in Pokémon GO. Many of them are absolutely hilarious.


Authorities and Pokemon GO

There have already been many announcements in regards to being safe while catching pokémon. One of the main ones being:

Do not drive and play Pokémon GO!

Please, for the safety of you and others, do not drive and GO. The Pokémon can wait.



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