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Release Date

Today, Blizzard made some big announcements that players have been waiting for regarding their newest game, Overwatch. It will be available in stores for PC, PS4, and Xbox One starting May 24th – only 78 days away! Check out the 3 editions (basic, Origin, and Collector’s) available for pre-purchase at www.buyoverwatch.com.

Pricing in USD:

  • Basic $39.99
  • Origin $59.99
  • Collector’s $129.99

Open Beta Early Access

One of the main perks to pre-purchasing or preordering Overwatch is being able to get early access into the Open Beta. Instead of joining the all-access Open Beta from May 5-9, players who pre-purchase can bring along a friend and start from May 3-4. Two days may not seem like much of a head start, but it is plenty of time to learn about the game as every map and all 21 heroes will be available. This knowledge will definitely put some players vastly ahead of others.

To get this head start and the perks of bringing a friend along in the open beta, players must have pre-purchased or preordered Overwatch before April 29th, 2016. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Battle.net Shop for the a digital copy
  • Retail Stores can be located in North America via www.buyoverwatch.com
  • Playstation 4 & Xbox Stores will have the option available soon.

An important note is that the additional beta key will only be valid for the same platform from the original purchase.

For more information on the Open Beta, please visit the Overwatch blog for details and a FAQ or watch the YouTube video below!

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