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Grab a blanket and tea, you’ll want to queue up some of these YouTube channels and their horror playlists. October is already here and Halloween is coming.

It’s October and Halloween is coming. Just in case you have zero desire to play these scary games and horror is not your thing, we’ve picked out five “YouTubers” and some of their highly viewed but classic horror game playlists. Put these babies on “autoplay” and watch.
These are not in order of favorites.


A voice made for videos, especially in the horror genre, Cryoatic is the guy for solid “let’s plays” with little to no talking during cut scenes. Check out his playlists for:

Soma: Remember the creators of “Amnesia”? Well these guys made Soma and it’s everything you loved about Amnesia but with new story, twists, but it’s back to its roots of scares.


Until Dawn: A combination of your favorite cheesy slasher, chase & tripping scenes… Until Dawn puts modern teens/college kids in a big empty house on a big empty mountain in a snow storm.

Until Dawn


Playlist after playlist of complete ‘walkthroughs’. One of his classic horror games we like to watch during October are:

Silent Hill Downpour:

Technically Silent Hill 8, Murphy Pendleton is a prisoner being transported during the trip, the bus carrying Murphy and other prisoners spins out of control and crashing. Kind of like the story to every scary weird Silent Hill game.


Alien Isolation:

If you loved the original Alien series, you’re going to love Alien Isolation. Based off the “Alien” movies, Amanda Ripley is our point of view in this first-person survival horror delivering the right amount of suspense.



Good ol’ Poods. Where funny meets horror, Pewdiepie says and sings everything we’re thinking and feeling along with making up some imaginary friends to keep us company as we try to survive the scares, we’re looking at you “BARRELS!”.

The Walking Dead – Telltale Series

Binge watching material is the entire Walking Dead Telltale Series Seasons 1 and 2, season 3 is confirmed with no release date as of yet.

Season 1- Episodes 1-5

Season 2 – Episodes 1-5

400 Days DLC

Michonne DLC

walking dead

The Last of Us

Not your average Zombie story. The Last of Us is a third person survival horror game following the main characters Joel and Ellie. The feels are real in this one.

last of us


An original “let’s play-er”, Helloween brings the horror from indie games to old school triple A titles. These two are his classics.


A successful terrifying horror game by Frictional Games where it is dark and scary in both memory and during the escape.


Cry of Fear

A psychological survival horror originally a mod for Half-Life, Cry of Fear had it’s own strong story and terrifying scares.



Only over 1 years old, LordRage is a pure survival horror YouTube channel. You’ll feel like you’re watching movies, there is zero commentary.

Silent Hill 1

Need we say more? Silent Hill is horror. We suggest looking passed the graphics of course.

Dino Crisis

Dinosaurs were cool but Dino Crisis delivers true suspense with a twist.


In honor of it being October, we hope you enjoy these playlists for your quiet Fall nights under the blankets.
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