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Coin Flip Games is a company founded back in January 2014, created by Joel Trum and Robert Newton. Over time they have expanded and acquired additional staff. Their first big title was just released: Bitmite Blitz.

Our goal is to bring an arcade spirit to all the games we produce. We want to make fun, addictive games with a distinct lack of bugs… though we make no such promise for our prototypes!

An oversized ant biting into a purple vile to become faster with the BitMite Blitz logo over it

This is a fun, easy, and adorable game. Upon opening this game I was a little confused from the ‘tilt to move’ feature and noticed that I was losing fairly quickly. After changing over to the tap/hold to move I was able to quickly run through the leaderboards.

Bitmite Blitz is considered an infinite runner game with a ’16-bit’ finish. You will find yourself collecting logs and coins to gain more points, but if you touch a pen or a flying staple you will lose and need to start your run over. As I went through the level I noticed around every 10,000 points, the obstacles will be gradually more frequent and challenging. I loved the fact that it got more difficult as I progressed.


Two things I loved about the game were:

  • Music– It drew me into the game with a very nostalgic feeling, like I had heard it before while playing a game as a kid.
  • Optional micro transactions– You are able to pay to unlock certain things, but it’s optional and you can unlock the same things by just progressing through naturally.


One thing that could be improved is the leaderboard. I am a huge fan of global leaderboards, as it is motivational to see individual level rankings for it would also be nice to see for the entire game.


Overall, the gameplay was exciting. I found myself playing it on my break when I needed to pass the time.

Download their application from the Apple App Store or the Android App store.



All screenshots from Bitmite Blitz are copyright of Coinflip Games.

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