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The Game Awards announced Dauntless, a co-op fantasy RPG. The title’s developer is newcomer Phoenix Labs, which houses talented individuals from big-name companies – BioWare, Riot Games, Capcom and Blizzard Entertainment – all under one roof.

At first glance, the title resembles a PC version of Monster Hunter. You group up as a four-player co-op, go out on a hunt and battle big monsters with pixel-perfect hitboxes. Your party fights fast and intense battles to claim your reward and then go back home.

An Intriguing Co-op RPG in the Works

First off, Phoenix Labs confirmed Dauntless is free to play. Launch projections expect the title to come out in 2017 at some point. Also, the developers of the game have also stated multiple times they are against any “pay-for-power” microtransactions.

As for the game itself, not a lot of details have been thrown out there quite yet. But there have been some gameplay snippets posted on the Dauntless Twitter. However, a few blog posts on the Dauntless website give people their first taste of what the game will have to offer.

For one thing, natural progression stems from killing monsters dubbed “Behemoths.” These Behemoths will make what you have stronger through their drops. You can also theme your weapons and armor with said drops as well. The main social hub comes in the form of a port town called Ramsgate. Here in town, you can meet up with friends or just random people to form hunting parties.

Ramsgate Concept Art

Ramsgate Concept Art

Without a doubt, this game is certainly worthwhile to keep on your radar when it (hopefully) comes out sometime in 2017. However, there are no details or specific dates on betas or a full release. Everyone is just going to have to wait in the meantime. Overall, Dauntless looks like it is going to be something special regardless, so keep an eye out for news and any chance to get into an upcoming beta.
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