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Blizzard Streaming is now live and players can stream directly to Facebook from the Battle.net client.

Wanna show off your sweet legendary helm, your card-slinging skills, or your latest Play of the Game? We’ve got you covered with an exciting new feature: Blizzard Streaming!

We’ve partnered up with Facebook to give our players an easy way to go live by streaming their gameplay on the world’s biggest social network. Blizzard Streaming supports webcam and mic usage and setup is quick.

Setting up your microphone and camera is done in just a few easy steps and you are ready to rock. While jumping into streaming can be a daunting endeavor, there are options to post only to yourself for a few times in order to get everything set before broadcasting to friends and family. For Blizzard fans, there isn’t an easier or faster way to jump in on the streaming scene!

When you stream to Facebook, it will appear as an attachment sort of like a photo or check-in. One of our writers tested it out, and minus a few lag spikes the service was seamless and easy to set up. Users can comment on the livestream as well in real-time.


Streaming is becoming easier than ever before, and we look forward to Blizzard integrating the use of overlays, notifications/alerts, and other vital tools that streamers use for efficiency on current platforms.

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