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Blizzard has started to drop hints pointing to a holiday-themed Overwatch update set to launch on December 13th.



Overwatch has had its share of themed events, with the Halloween update and the Summer Olympic Games patch, each adding new hero skins and unique brawls to boot. Now with the festivities of an Overwatch Christmas right around the corner, Blizzard has set out teasers promising some kind of holiday/Christmas event.

The GIF shows a snow covered King’s Row, with an invitation to the players, inviting them to enjoy the holiday festivities starting December 13th. Although it’s typical of Blizzard’s puzzle-like methods of revealing new updates, the specifics are left a mystery.

According to GameSpot, data mining has revealed a new holiday-themed jingle in the game files, leading even more to believe that a Christmas event is inevitable.

Stay tuned for the Christmas patch on December 13th! Thinking of buying Overwatch? Head on over to the Blizzard store to purchase it today!


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