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BlizzCon 2016 was just a few hours ago and we’re here to share all the awesome news that was announced. While this year’s BlizzCon didn’t have the typical reveals such as a new expansion or a new game, it was still filled with cool new packs, heroes and projects. There were also many tournaments, contests and more events on location!

Esports Winners

The crowned winners of BlizzCon 2016 brought some very impressive gameplay to the yearly gathering of minds alike.

For the StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals it was Hyun Woo “Byun” who won the match.

Pavel Pavel” Beltukovwas the winner of the Hearthstone World Championship and Ballistix Gaming won the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship.

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, it was Splyce (formerly Team Dignitas EU) who one the Grand Finals.

Finally, the winning country of the Overwatch World Cup was South Korea.

Congratulations to all participants!

World of Warcraft

Here are the most important pieces of news for World of Warcraft most players were eagerly waiting for:
  • Mischief, the Make-A-Wish Pet! This new pet will be available in the Shop soon. It will appear on December 1 and up until the end of the year. When players adopt Mischief (the Fel Kitty), the full purchase price will be donated to Make-A-Wish. The foundation helps grant the wishes of children throughout the world who live with life-threatening medical conditions.

Mischif - Make a wish

  • Patch 7.1.5: A small patch to include various features and balance changes. In this patch, they will be adding six timewalking dungeons of Mist of Panderia. The Brawler’s Guild Season 3 is also right around the corner. There will also be the addition of ”Micro-Holidays” which are going to be holidays that could last for a single day and could be related to Azeroth’s lore. Blade’s Edge Arena is getting a Visual Update as well and there will be a big classes balance update!
  • Patch 7.2 : The Tomb of Sargeras. This is the big patch that players are really excited about! New raid and the continuation of Class Order Campaign are a big feature in this patch. Also, flying in the “Broken Ilse” will become possible after earning a specific achievement, similar to Warlords or Draenor.  And of course, the new raid zone: Tomb of Sargeras and a new dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Light are coming up followed by new Brawls inspired by the other Blizzard games’ similar mode!Tomb of Sargeras

Diablo III

  • 20th Anniversary in-game event will be a special event starting in patch 2.4.3 called the Darkening of Tristram. Players who head into the adventure mode in January will discover a portal that leads to a Diablo III recreation of the events in Diablo. There will be many rewards for those who brave this nostalgic filled zone. It will also be in Public Test Realm (PTR) next week, stay tuned for that.

Darkening of Tristram

  • The Armory is a new in-game feature coming up in Diablo III. It will be an equipment manager with five available slots. It will save all your items, passives, skills, Kenai’s Cube Powers and Legendary gems. This feature will be coming up in 2017.
  • The Necromancer has been revealed and will be the next fully playable character class in Diablo III. It will be a part of the Rise of the Necromancer Pack that should be available in 2017.

The Necromancer

  • The Necromancer Pack will include the new Necromancer class, in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (for PC), a portrait frame, a pennant and a banner sigil.
  • New enemies, items and zones are also coming up in the future for Diablo III! Stay tuned for more news to come soon.

StarCraft II

There were fewer updates for StarCraft compared to the other games, but here are the ones that will be coming up soon.

  • The War Chest: The war chest is a virtual treasure map that players will have the option to purchase to earn more in-game rewards by playing StarCraft II games modes. More details on this will be announced in the first half of 2017.
  • Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 3 and new comic: The final chapter of the Nova Covert Ops missions is going live and so will the next comic, Nova: The Keep. The comic will be strongly related to chapter three and is set to happen shortly after the Legacy of the Void.
  • Alexi Stukov will be the new co-op commander for StarCraft II, along with brand new maps.
  • More balances changes and updates are coming for multiplayer as well in the future.


  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: The new expansion for Hearthsone. Already available for pre-purchase with a bundle of 50 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card-packs for $49.99 USD.

Heroes of the Storm

  • Two new Heroes: Varian, High King of the Alliance will join the Nexus as a Melee Warrior. While Ragnaros, the Firelord, is also on his way, but as a Melee assassin.
  • Blackheart’s Revenge: The first Brawl Battleground to feature attack/defend style mechanics and introduces asymmetrical gameplay.  In this map, only one team has a Core and they must gather cannonballs, load them into the canons and fire on the ship. Defenders must assist the ghost pirate by attacking them before they collect enough cannonballs.
  • The Nexus Challenge: In this challenge, players have to party up with one or more friends and play at least 15 HotS games in Co-op vs AI, quick match, unranked draft or ranked modes between November 15 2016 to January 4 2017.
    • Rewards will be earned by playing 15 and 30 games. The rewards for 15 games are: Zarya and Ori Genji portrait in Heroes of the Storm. As well as Oni Genji Skin, portait and spray in Overwatch. Players who reach 30 games will earn Auriel, Graymane, Kerrigan, Li-ming, the Orochi Hovercycle Mount and a 30 day stimpack in the game.


  • Sombra Origin Story: New featured video on the PlayOverwatch channel, presenting Sombra. “Infilitration” is the new animated short for Overwatch featuring Sombra, WidowMaker, Reaper and a special appearence at the end as well, you’ll have to watch to see!

  • The anticipated hero revealed. Sombra was revealed at BlizzCon 2016 and players on location got the chance to try the new player. Sombra will be beneficial for offensive play that requires a creative  skills to be played properly.

  • Overwatch League: This was announced at BlizzCon, a way to help fans by giving them opportunities to become champions through a professional esports ecosystem.
  • Overwatch World Cup: Read our recap here of the exciting games!

  • Shorter break between seasons: During the Q&A it was revealed that the amount of time between seasons will be shorter after reading the player’s feedback. They could also be a new mode called “Rank Practice” for players who still want to prepare for ranks out of the Quick Play mode.

To catch up on all the action that happened at BlizzCon in further detail, watch all the videos on Blizzard’s Twitch channel.

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