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What’s Blood Bowl?

Blood Bowl is one part Warhammer, one part American football, and one part turn based strategy game. What started as a tabletop game in 1986 as a parody to American football, the setting of today’s video game takes place in the same Game Workshop’s Warhammer universe. The goal of the game is to win by scoring touchdowns or mercilessly eliminating the opposing team’s roster. In Blood Bowl players take 11 men to the field and decide whether to go for the pass, or go for the smash.

What’s new in Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition?

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition (LE), is a standalone game with many crucial improvements over the previous versions. The latest iteration has all of the races from the tabletop version, plus a new race: The Kiselv Circus, with performance bears included. In the Legendary Edition teams may compose a group from multiple races optimized to player’s preferences. As a consequence, all 24 races are eligible for the new all-star mode.

There is also the addition of two new solo modes, Eternal league and Challenge Mode. The eternal league will play out very similar to franchise mode in the Madden series. This allows for players to compete over multiple seasons with the same team improving the team along the way. Challenge mode will test players abilities with a broad spectrum of scenarios. Players have one turn to solve these challenges, pushing the playbook to find creative solutions.

The multiplayer aspects of the game have also been overhauled. This allows for custom online leagues and tournaments to be set up. For this reason Blood Bowl 2: LE is a wonderful expansion for veterans and newcomers to the series.

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition has been officially released and information can be found on their official website.

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