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Blood Bowl is a video game adaptation of a classic tabletop game combining American football in the Warhammer universe. With this iteration, the players get all of the races from the board game series plus brand new modes that haven’t been available before. Before you pick up this game, here are some of the most standout features to me.

Unique Gameplay

The primary goal of Blood Bowl is to gain possession of the football and take it to the end zone. As players travel across the pitch (the field), laying out the opposition with savage hits becomes a necessity. A reliable combat system allows any type of player the means to pick things up quickly.

Another aspect of the game is customization of individual characters and the entire composition of the team. It allows players to develop a team that fits a particular playstyle from agile runners to savage fighters.

The gameplay of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition (Blood Bowl 2: LE) is identical to that of a board game, which can be clunky at times. With every action that a player makes, there is a skill/luck check to determine the outcome.

This mechanics leads to many scenarios where a seemingly simple task meets catastrophic failure on more than one occasion. But there are rerolls to turn back the damage dealt by the random number generator.

Overall, the core relies on the dice rolls so a similar degree as X-COM, which leads to some frustrating moments. For example, when recovering the ball, there is a chance that you fumble the recovery, which triggers an immediate turnover to give your opponent the opportunity to lay waste to your team.

Players who do not like a chance-influenced system should stay clear of this game. Luck doesn’t determine the outcome of every match, fortunately.

Average Visuals

Blood Bowl 2: LE has an acceptable visual presentation. Nothing is going to stand out as an incredible work of art graphics-wise. The animations for the game are quite satisfying. When an ogre smashes a dwarf, the game presents a thrilling animation of a David-versus-Goliath moment.

The immersion of the Games Workshop world is incredibly entertaining. The announcers are lively. They keep players engaged in the fun and quirky world of Warhammer.

A Challenging Experience

The start of each game in Blood Bowl is like a blank canvas. As you interact with your opponent, you make decisions that permanently affect the game state. On the surface, the game appears to focus on acts of savagery, but there is a big difference between a suicide rush and a blitz. The subtle nuances are endless – from positioning players for the optimal carnage to team compositions.

Blood Bowl is a game that is easy to play, but difficult to master. 

Blood Bowl


There was a lot good with Blood Bowl 2: LE as an electronic format of a great board game. The game makes the dice rolls and shows the results of each action you take faster than any human Dungeons & Dragons player. It also does a good job of giving players a balanced experience. The multiplayer aspect of the game was passable, yet the matchmaking leads new players to the slaughter.

The graphics were decent as a whole, as nothing was outstanding or poorly done – somewhere in the middle. The setting of the Games Workshop world was an incredible point of immersion.

The narratives assigned to teams feel well crafted and witty. The structure of the campaigns, challenges and eternal league provide a sizable amount of content for players to enjoy.

Blood Bowl is a strange video game. The gameplay is clunky, and the mechanics can be frustrating. As an electronic board game simulator that allows players to play a fun board game online, it’s stellar.

Just keep in mind this is not a fantasy version of MaddenBlood Bowl has very little traditional sports gameplay.

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is already out, and information for the game is on the official website.

As always, feel free to visit with us on Discord and let us know your thoughts on the game.

Review: Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition
Well-balanced combat systemSatisfying animationsA truly challenging experience
Non-traditional sports gameplayHeavy luck Influence
7.2Grade: C
Visuals & Sound7
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