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There’s no doubt the Borderlands franchise has been one of the most successful and enjoyable video game series of all time. Its unique blend of FPS, RPG and outrageous storytelling has kept gamers both on the edge of their seats and rolling over with laughter – quite a difficult feat!

It’s no surprise that the rumors of a new game in the series has fans excited.

Borderlands’ Big Announcement

The rumors started back in January when the game’s developer, Gearbox Software, posted job openings on their website. Randy Pitchford, co-founder of Gearbox Software, later tweeted with a recruitment announcement.
Tweet from Randy Pitchford recruiting for BorderlandsThen in April 2016 at PAX East, Gearbox Software officially announced the development of a new Borderlands. They revealed the voice of Scooter, Mikey Neumann, would be a writer. Scott Kester is the art director for Battleborn, and he is also directing art for the new Borderlands game.

Pitchford also noted during the panel that they may not continue with their standard naming scheme by stating, “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that (Borderlands 3).”

Other hints come from Easter eggs in the latest Battleborn DLC. Players have found a vault symbol, which shows the word “Promethea” when manipulated. Promethea is a legendary planet in the Borderlands universe where the Atlas corporation found alien technology and incorporated it into their weapons.
Gearbox Software should release the title for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Console gamers have one more reason to upgrade from previous generations. You have some time to save up, however, as fans are expecting a 2018 release.

Regardless of when they release it or what the game will be named, Gearbox Software has set the bar high. Expect more news to come and look forward to another high-quality product.

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