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Brawlout is a new fighting game that will be released for PS4, XBox 1 and PC early 2017. The win conditions of Brawlout have been adopted from Super Smash Bros., specifically the king of the hill style matches and utilizing percentage knock back counters rather than health gauges.

Brawlout gameplayThe premise of the game is the more you get hit, the farther you will be knocked back and the longer your character will be stuck in hit stun. Also, if you fall of the map or get sent outside the unseen barrier of the map you will lose a life. The fighting style within the game does resemble combo chains and ultimate charging found in games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. As of now there are 5 playable characters with hints of 3 more to come soon.

brawlout gameplay 2    brawlout gameplay3





Each one possesses a unique fighting style whether it is close ranged brawling amphibian, a longer ranged chain wielding monkey or a bird of prey that uses it’s wings to inflict damage. Knock opponents off the map or blast them away with powerful special moves and skilled timing to win matches. Brawlout will support up to 8 multiplayer updates. Angry Mob will be doing a debut tomorrow and the day after at EVO 2016 giving gamers a chance to try out the new fighting game. 


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