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At long last, with the release of V35.1, card crafting makes its way into Paragon, finally allowing players to recycle old cards in favor of more useful alternatives. Alongside the new additions comes the Stealth Ops Twinblast challenge, new weekly cards and some number tweaks following the release of Monolith.



Card Crafting and Loot Boxes

The feature that had been talked about since Paragon’s release, card crafting has finally arrived, starting December 13th. The system featured crafting components, found by dismantling cards the player doesn’t need. By dismantling cards that aren’t needed, players can be freed from the randomness of card pack opening, instead able to focus on handcrafting essential cards through combining reputation (earned through leveling up and playing matches) and the new crafting components.


Along with card crafting enters the loot box system, an idea used in many games. Loot boxes will be randomly dropped as rewards from match competition, character level ups and account level ups. The keys to the crates are found in the same manner, but can be bought from the in-game store. Rewards range from reputation boosts to emotes and master challenges, although the main prizes are the elusive skins for Grux, the Gilded and Golden Scarab skins respectively. As always with a  loot box system, rare rewards are not guaranteed and players should be responsible with regards to purchasing keys.


Stealth Ops Twinblast

Starting with the V35.1 release comes the Stealth Ops challenge to unlock the new Twinblast skin. Available to all players, all that’s needed is 10 games played during the rest of December 13th through to the 31st. Co-op games and PvP games all count, and accounts with level 5 or less can earn points towards the skin playing Solo versus A.I.


Number Tweaks

Any time after a big update in the gaming world, a game can fluctuate in stability, with meta changes and tactics falling in and out of favor. Paragon is no different, with this update following Monolith‘s release featuring updates to various heroes and their abilities. Notably, Sevarog took a slight shave to his overall sustain, starting on lower health and his abilities dealing less base damage, helping rein him in as he started to pull ahead as the go to jungler in the competitive scene. Iggy and Scorch however was one face that has been rather absent from the battlefield since Monolith arrived. Epic Games has clearly picked up on this and decided to give the lovable pair of outcasts a slight boost in confidence by increasing some base damage and other ability factors such as the number of flame turrets that can be placed at lower levels. Hopefully this sideline love will be enough to propel Iggy and Scorch back into the game in the future.




Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games. To try it for yourself, go to their website and download it for free! Make sure to follow the official Paragon blogs and stay tuned for more articles here on EloTalk!

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