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With the recent announcement of their newest card set “Whispers Of The Old Gods,” Blizzard has given us quite a big patch to digest. While there have not been any significant changes to any cards, there are massive changes to the UI and an entire pool of new Hearthstone players – Thailand now has the ability download and play Hearthstone!

The collection manager has also picked up some nifty new changes. Now with a more specific filtering system, there is a “Deck Recipe” section which will help new players and veterans alike with some possible new deck suggestions. Also Blizzard has given all players the edition of 18 deck slots instead of the original 9.

Deck updates


If you’re looking to update your Paladin portrait, Blizzard is giving you an opportunity it pick it up for free, however, you’ll have to participate in this World Of Warcraft event.  All you need to do is download World Of Warcraft and make it to level 20.

New pally hero

This month’s update also included the C’thun pre-order sleeve, which is available immediately after you pre-order the Expansion.


The Overwatch sleeve was also announced, which can be attained by purchasing the Origins Edition of Overwatch.Overwatch

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