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The resident gargoyle of League of Legends (LoL) has received a facelift. The next champion to get the rework treatment will be Galio. Galio, the Colossus – what a fitting title! This new look represents a different concept altogether compared to his brooding, guardian counterpart. A refreshing contrast from head to toe.

Days ago, a teaser called “The Hour of Need” circulated through Riot Game’s social media. The teaser displayed a picture of this newer Galio. A hulking giant in his own right, this Galio brings an instant “I’ll protect you” kind of air to him that the previous version lacked.

Expect this rework to enter Summoner’s Rift officially in the 7.6 patch. He will come with all of the bells and whistles of a fresh face in the game: a new model, new voice acting lines and more!

Reshaped Stone

This may not be the most popular opinion, but I believe this rework for Galio was long overdue. He has felt outdated for many seasons now. As more innovative designs enter LoL‘s ever-expanding champion roster, Galio just felt old and overly simplistic by comparison.Galio

For one thing, the current champion is a wacky mage/tank hybrid. He is too reliant on using Flash, which is a “Summoner Spell” in the game. But he does have one claim to fame in the biggest area-of-effect “taunt.”

Other than that, Galio has always been a niche pick to a fault. You just couldn’t pick him in every match. Of course, his next ability kit will probably be entirely different. Nonetheless, this rework hopes to breathe new light into the guardian gargoyle fantasy. Based on what I have seen in the trailer, I think the rework is going to rock.

Sure, it sucks when champions change. Some people love characters for what they are. They grow attached to these characters (I still miss the first rework of Skarner) and all of that jazz. However, Riot Games has (more or less) done an excellent job with most of their reworked champions up to this point, so I expect the same kind of polish for Galio as well.

Are you prepared to be the greatest protector as Galio, the Colossus in the 7.6 patch?Galio

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