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Some big changes are coming for the PVP players of World of Warcraft. With Legion around the corner, the dev team for the game decided to take a look back on their PVP system once again. Player stats and the importance of gear will be changing in an attempt to reduce the power gap between PVPers. The way to acquire new gear will also be completely changed in the future.

Why change the system?
There are two very different systems in the game, PVE and PVP. In both of them, Blizzard wants players to have a feeling of progression in the game. It is a wonderful experience to get great gear in raids and destroy a boss that used to be a challenge. It is a different story while playing against another player. The fights get a lot more frustrating when heroes are faced against each other and one side has much stronger gear. The challenge that developers have to work with is to reduce the gap between players in PVP without undermining the value of earning gear.
Montage of the World of Warcraft Battle ground featuring the main buildings for the Horde and the Allience
It’s over 800!
After Resilience, PVP Power and the second PVP Item level introduced in the past, Blizzard wants to offer a solution to reward the same gear in PVP and PVE. In this attempt to reduce the power gap, player’s stats will be set automatically in PVP and they will increase based on item level. With this method, Blizzard wants to create gear that players will want to equip so that their stats do not rely entirely on items, while still being important. In this system, every point above item level 800 the player’s stats will be increased by 0.01%. Meaning that an item level 900 will only be 10% stronger than an item level 800.
The Demon Hunter Tier 19 Set for World of warcraft Legion.

Source: WoWhead

Gearing up!
Another big change in Legion will be that players will not be able to purchase PVP gear through currency and vendors anymore! Winning a Battleground, Skirmish, Arena or Rated Battleground will give a chance to receive a piece of gear. Also, the first few victories per week in your rated bracket will give a reward with a guaranteed piece of gear, where item level increases based on your rating in the bracket.  With every rewarded gear, there is a chance to have its item level increased further. The primary goal in Legion’s PVP will then be to increase the average item level rather than getting that perfect item.

We hope that these changes will be for the better! Legion is expected to come out on August 30th and anyone who pre-purchases the expansion will be getting early access to the new Demon Hunter class prior to its release.
All images are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment. The Demon Hunter Set image is a source from WoWhead.com
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