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Shadow’s Eve continues, V.33 has launched and the Countess is revealed. Epic Games treats us to a content bomb in these past weeks.

With us now being in the 2nd week of Epic Games’ 3-week content production cycle, there is a lot to talk about and a lot coming up! Last week, we had a look at the Shadow’s Eve patch for Halloween and the associated tweaks and updates, and in addition we had a new weekly card pack. This week, we got the Countess hero teaser,  release trailer and release, the introduction of the interactive tutorial, the second week of Shadow’s Eve skin drops on Twitch and yet another new weekly card pack.


Countess is the main event for many community members who got to visit Epic Games HQ. Some are hailing her as the new Kallari, a burst mage specializing in picking off isolated targets with a targeted teleport engage and high damage ultimate. From what the trailers have shown, Countess excels in coordinated team play, able to drop unsuspecting foes in the blink of an eye with her twin katanas and vampiric sorcery. However, she is like many assassins, as vulnerable as she is lethal, with no solid escapes from crowd control (CC) abilities, her competitive use varies. You can find out more on the release blog.


Interactive Tutorial

With Paragon‘s entry into free open beta phase, a lot of new players coming to the game had no way to pick up the basics a part from a few, rather forgettable instructions in the Solo vs AI game mode. However, Epic Games has introduced its new and improved “Interactive Tutorial”, which sees a player take control of the hero Gideon against an enemy AI Steel, in a single lane of what appears to be part of the new map, Monolith. The tutorial guides the player through the mechanics of last hitting, towers and how they attack, inhibitor behavior and finally the core. While a little bare bones to start, this tutorial does give new players a decent base understanding of how lanes and structures function, as well as a taste of combat.

Cards – Past and Present

Last week we had a phenomenal weekly card pack, consisting of 2 Epic Rare cards and another very popular choice.

Scarab Claws is the bane of any Muriel or Feng Mao, providing attack speed and cool down reduction, the card has a passive which shreds armor on hit. This passive destroys anyone with a shield, turning an ally’s support into a death sentence when used correctly by Corruption heroes such as Grux, Kallari or Kwang.

The second Epic Rare card (the first being Scarab Claws) is Blinkshot. A Fury affinity card, Blinkshot provides cool down reduction and lets the user teleport forward or backwards with the added bonus of resetting the cool down (a rather hefty 5 minutes) if the player gets a hero kill or assist within 5 seconds of teleporting.

The final card in last weeks pack was Tainted Magick, a favorite of many Iggy & Scorch players. Tainted Magick offers critical chance increase and energy damage stats. The card’s active applies stacks of poison on hit with ability, dealing damage and reducing enemy healing by 75%. Tainted Magick is a fantastic counter card to hero with high health regeneration like a Rampage or Khaimera.

This week we have a slightly less exciting card pack, but nevertheless that will provide some staple cards that newer players might lack.

Pendulum of Lords is a support players’ staple. The card offers health, mana and cool down reduction allowing for a well rounded support deck with room to spare for more extravagant cards like Honor the Pure, Barrier of Will, Overflowing Gifts and Tempus Pearl.

Sage’s Ward is also fresh this week, providing a sound early game option for energy damage heroes like GRIM.exe and Murdock, boosting health and energy damage. The ward also allows for vision in area, helping inform vulnerable heroes with few escapes of impending doom in the form of an angry jungle ambush.

Lastly, we have Jewel of the Apostle, an Order card giving life steal and cool down reduction. The card’s active ability gives the user energy damage equal to 35% of their armor value for a short duration, allowing even durable support heroes to join in the fight for a brief period.

Paragon Gideon


To round it all off, we got a large group of skins added to the game lately, most notably the second tier 3 skin in the game, the Undertow Gideon skin (pictured above). A tier 3 skin means the character model is recolored, the model is altered physically and there are some new VFX and animations associated. A tier 2 is just a model alteration and recolor and a tier 1 is a simple recolor. The coveted tier 4 skins are yet to be released but do all a tier 3 does and more, essentially recreating the hero entirely. Check out some concept art for a tier 4 Murdock skin teased in May. The Undertow skin makes Gideon look like the undead cosmic pirate he was born to be, altering the animations on his abilities to replace a meteor with a giant anchor, a wormhole with a ships’ helm and of course, a blackhole with a whirlpool. To check these out, watch the trailer here! For a full gallery, check out the V.33 blog post over on Paragon’s website.


Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games, to try it, go to the website and download for free!

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