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Coming on November 21st, ArenaNet (creator of Guild Wars) “A Crack in the Ice” will be the newest episode of Living World Season 3. It’s sure to whet appetites if Thanksgiving weekend doesn’t sate the belly.

“A Crack In The Ice” Trailer

“The Fire Dragon is rising” – the first line of the exciting teaser trailer to the upcoming episode. Primordus is rising and this could spell disaster for Tyria… The camera pans to a Norn and her wolf companion walking through a winter-y area to reveal that Jormag is also rising. Yikes! This begs the question: Can the citizens of Tyria take on two elder dragons?

Thus far, the citizens of Tyria have taken down a couple elder dragons, but at the cost of giving the other elder dragons the traits of the dead ones. Though it’s not all doom and gloom as we recently were introduced to Glint’s baby – Aurene. And there is still much speculation as to the mystery of unbound magic in the world.


So what does this mean? Is Tyria going to have to take on two elders, or is Taimi going to give players new information to help? The answers will only be revealed once the episode launches on the 21st, so don’t miss out!

Watch the trailer below and draw your own conclusions!


Other Updates

Just in time for this next installment is the fact that ArenaNet has launched a 50% off sale on Heart of Thorns! That means you can get the standard edition for a whopping $24.99 USD and the deluxe edition is only $37.49 USD! That said, the sale lasts until November 22nd, so get your expansion while you can to experience “A Crack in the Ice!”

There’s a new Nightmare themed Fractal being launched to complete the patch. On top of that, the gem store now contains new items like these:

It appears that there is going to be a new legendary shield, which looks like a fishbowl with a swimming quaggan (Coddlers are Quaggan caretakers that raise quaggan hatchlings). What an interesting concept, there’s a lot to look forward to!


The elder dragons continue to be a threat to Tyria, the story continues to develop, and gem store items are awesome. It’ll be exciting to see what develops in Guild Wars 2!

If you have not yet purchased Heart of Thorns, you can get it here for the new storyline, new zones, and mastery tracks!

Until next time, we’ll see you in-game!jormag-ice

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