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Death Squared, recently released for the Nintendo Switch, is by far the best multiplayer game for the system. As one might expect from a Nintendo game, it is family friendly and fun for all.

The quirky style helps balance out the otherwise aggravating challenges. After dipping into two-player mode, purchasing a second set of Joy-Cons for the four-player mode seems mandatory.

Death Squared is exactly what the Switch needed. To see a rundown of what the game is all about, check out our previous article on it.

An Enjoyable Challenge

Death Squared is fun from level one through the end. While starting with some simple levels to learn the mechanics, it quickly dives into some complex level design. Getting through a particularly tough level provides a Footage of a two player level in Death Squared.great sense of relief.

On the way to figuring out the solution to a given level, there is lighthearted banter going on in the background.

The chatter between AI and its tester is necessary to keep frustration at bay along the way.

While playing this with my children, I found that it was not too difficult for them, while still maintaining a challenge for myself.

After finding the solution together, executing the needed steps still proved difficult. When the actions one player takes can almost instantly kill the other player, it is easy to misstep.

It’s not just figuring out how to overcome the challenges of the level, but also of the other player.

A Two/Four-Player Experience

There are few games where I recommend only ever playing with another player. This is one of those titles. Playing through solo was fun, but nowhere near as much as doing so with more people.

The extra effort required to avoid blowing up a friend by pushing them off the edge adds a whole other layer to the gameplay.

Adding a third and fourth makes the term ‘herding cats’ really hit home!Footage of a Four player level in Death Squared where someone just died.

The Look and Feel

The cartoony look of Death Squared helps to keep the title family friendly. After all, a level potentially turns grim quickly when there is an expectation for lots of deaths by design.

The sounds, voices and music all line up with this stylization. Nothing is out of place, and everything flows smoothly, just like it should.

Length and Replayability

One of the significant downsides to puzzle games is their lack of length. Without leaning on speed runs and achievements, it is hard to get a game to last long enough to feel satisfying.

Death Squared does all right in Footage of a two player level in Death Squared where someone just died.this field.

The level count is 80 for two players and 40 for four players, which stacks up to a few hours of gameplay.

Hopefully, more DLC would be nice. It could use just a little bit more content.

Rushing through the game is far less rewarding than tackling the game in bits and pieces. The structure of play complements house parties and family visits extremely well.

Since learning the mechanics and the surprises tied to them are most of the fun, Death Squared would be enjoyable with as many new players as possible. Even four-player mode with two veterans and two new players is a blast.

Ultimately, I expect to pick it up a few more times over the years without the need for any more content.


Overall, Death Squared is a fantastic game. Time played equates to time well spent. And for $15, it’s definitely worth the money.

In my opinion, this is the first great multiplayer game for the Switch and a must-have for fans of puzzle or group games!

Images belong to SMG Studio.

Review: Death Squared
Absolutely FunLooks and Feels GreatFamily FriendlyGreat Challenge Balance
Longer Would Be BetterRequires Multiple People to Be Fun
8.8Overall Score
Look and Feel10
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