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There is an alternative format in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) I do not play, but I am thinking about hopping into at some point. This option is called Commander. In this format, players build 100-card decks. Aside from basic lands, you may only have one single copy of any card. Also, the cards you put into your deck must coincide with the colors of your Commander card, which is a legendary creature or Planeswalker. Your Commander represents the “general” of your deck.

The card you choose to be your Commander can often be a key card to base your strategies around for the deck concept. The possible Commanders you can choose are many, so it all boils down to personal preference.

This format has a unique set of rules and nuances. Personally, I have not built a Commander deck yet because it can be extremely expensive. Not to mention, tracking down a lot of the cards needed for a competent build gets tough. Nevertheless, I miss out on playing additional games with fellow MTG players because I lack such a deck.

Therefore, with this in mind, I have started to collect cards toward potential Commander decks. The fact is, using any extra card you have would be ideal for this type of deck because they probably would not be played otherwise. Besides, if there is one thing I do love with deck building, it is sticking with themes.

There are two Commander decks I have in mind so far: cats (for obvious reasons) and angels (my other favorite archetype for MTG). As primarily a green/white player, my color pool gets narrowed down rather quickly.


The Cat’s Meow
Without a doubt, the no-brainer choice to use as Commander for a cat-themed strategy would be Ajani. Being a giant lion, he packs a powerful roar with an assortment of useful abilities to boot. As far as assembling an army of cats for the deck, many feline friends exist out there.

I can go for powerhouses such as Wild Nacatl.

Wild Nacatl

Heck, I can even throw in fun cards like Enlarge just because the artwork has a cat on it.

Therefore, as long as it complements the cat theme, lots of cards fit into a Commander deck in all honesty.

On Angel Wings
The second alternative would be gathering a bunch of cool-looking angels together throughout MTG‘s universe. Besides being often beautiful to look at, these angels can also be some of the strongest cards you can play. A good Commander choice would be Avacyn.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope
In this game’s universe, Avacyn IS the main angel. Of course, other angels are not too shabby themselves. For instance, Sigarda can be pretty decent as well.

Sigarda, Host of HeronsThere are also plenty of angel-themed cards to help bolster the deck’s options.

Entreat the Angels
At the end of the day, building a Commander deck has been a side project of mine. Again, the cards can be difficult to collect. We are talking about 100 cards total, after all. I hope to make a fun, thematically interesting Commander deck someday. Expect either cats, angels or perhaps both archetypes combined.

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