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Liliana, the Last HopeMagic: The Gathering (MTG) will begin Eldritch Moon Game Day festivities this weekend for August 13 and 14. Game Day is a special tournament where players bring their Standard deck to compete. In a sense, it showcases who understands the current meta for the Standard format and tries to find a local champion.


As with every Game Day weekend, these tournaments can get quite competitive. After all, the main prize on the line, along with bragging rights, is the Game Day mat. The art from Liliana, the Last Hope, will grace the playmat for this particular set.

Champion Mat

Prize Support
In addition to the mat, special Game Day promo cards are up for grabs for those who participate and for those who place in the Top 8. Players receive an Unsubstantiate promo just for playing in the event, while Top 8 players also get Heron’s Grace Champion promos.

As someone who has played in various Game Days, these events can be a real blast if you love competitive tournaments. After all, the main prize of winning the special mat in itself is worth the effort. The mat on the line makes you more conscious of your moves. You will be extra wary of how your card effects play out and when to activate your triggers. In other words, bring your A-game to the table. If you want to walk out of the shop with a mat in hand, play intelligently.

But by all means, having fun should be a large aspect of playing in the tournament. Game Day events can get cutthroat real fast, though. Winning the mat itself embodies a lot of pride among particularly talented players. It means you are a champion – or at least locally you have become one.

So keep your eye on the prize. For those of you who are participating in a Game Day event this weekend – good luck! Bring your best deck, your best strategies, your best attitude and have some MTG fun. Bring home that awesome-looking Game Day mat!

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