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The newest Kaladesh set for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) officially sells in stores worldwide. With its release comes new cards, new strategies and, of course, new Planeswalkers to hope for when opening those booster packs! Because Planeswalkers tend to be such powerful cards, Kaladesh boasting six Planeswalkers in total (two from special Planeswalker decks) is quite significant.

Though not every Planeswalker brings the same thing to the table, having more cards to choose from expands potential options. A Super Friends deck always welcomes more variety, for instance.

Let’s take a look at all six and compare.

Choose Your Planeswalker

Chandra, Torch of Defiance
First up, we have the hottest Planeswalker in the MTG universe – as in, Chandra is one who can burn you alive if she wanted to with her scorching fire powers.
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Right off the bat, you can tell this Planeswalker card is special. This Chandra has four loyalty abilities, as opposed to the typical three you would see on most cards of this type. Not only that, all of her abilities are good and have lots of flexibility. Yet, at the same time, this Chandra card is not something I would call “broken” by any means, at least at face value. Overall, this Chandra will indeed smoke the competition in a fair, reasonable way.

Nissa, Vital Force
As my favorite Planeswalker in the game, I always have a soft spot for most Nissa cards out there. This particular one is no different. Each ability is excellent, and she can use her ultimate skill as early as turn two (she can actually use her ultimate immediately with Oath of Gideon out in play).
Nissa, Vital Force
However, if I have to be perfectly honest, there are better Nissa artworks out there, so I have to dock a point there.

Dovin Baan
Next up is the Planeswalker card I managed to pull at my Prerelease event. At that particular event, Dovin held his ground. His abilities are helpful for tapering off aggression from your opponent or attempting to draw into answers for in-game situations. In addition, he is an ideal fit for control-type decks in MTG.
Dovin Baan
Still, Dovin is not my kind of Planeswalker card. Maybe it is the artwork, but I do not get excited seeing this card. For this reason, Dovin is a bit lower on the list for me.

Saheeli Rai
Simply put, Saheeli Rai is a playable, potentially devastating card. She comes out as soon as turn three in Standard, her abilities ooze with versatility and the artwork is just stunning. Incredibly stunning. Kudos to the artist.
Saheeli Rai
What is there not to love about this card? I cannot think of any reason.

Chandra, Pyrogenius
Gosh, the artwork leaves a lot to be desired, and the steep mana cost is off-putting for its color. Also, the first two abilities are quite lackluster. All things considered, this is probably the worst Planeswalker you can legally play in Standard.
Chandra, Pyrogenius
But for what it is worth, the ultimate is decent.

Nissa, Nature’s Artisan
Nice. Without a doubt, this Nissa artwork is so much better than Nissa, Vital Force. As far as abilities go, they are beneficial and appropriate for this green color type in MTG.
Nissa, Nature's Artisan
So if I had to choose which special Planeswalker deck, I would buy the Nissa one just to get this card.

Collectively, these Kaladesh Planeswalker cards are solid-and-up cards on their own. In most cases, many players always seek these cards for their rarity and power boosts for deck concepts.

Which Planeswalker card is your favorite?

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