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When it comes to choosing your favorite color in Magic: The Gathering (MTG), players naturally find soMTGmething that fits their personality and playstyle. For me, the color green resonates with me on many levels.

Locally, I have gained a reputation for being a green player because of how much I favor this color for my various deck strategies. As a result, green has been my favorite color to use in the game.

Below are five reasons why green is my favorite color in MTG.

1. Green represents relatable concepts.

An interesting aspect about MTG is how every color represents something within the game’s world. In green’s case, concepts such as nature, growth and instinct often showcase themselves in the cards of this particular color.

For instance, Giant Growth is a very classic card in green’s repertoire.
Giant GrowthIts simple effect reflects everything green is all about: increasing strength. Green is always striving to improve themselves in some shape or form, which is why I like what the color embodies.

2. Green cards fit my playing style.

The usual tactics of green cards often entail a lot of setup. With this in mind, it is no surprise green cards often combo very well with one another, setting up tremendous power plays with the appropriate tactic.

Cards like Elvish Mystic make excellent ramp tools toward bigger, tougher creatures your opponents cannot match very easily.Elvish MysticCraterhoof Behemoth
After all, green tends to have the mightiest creatures at their disposal. Bar none.

3. Green cards complement other colors I use in my strategies.

With every deck I build, I always use green as the primary color with another color (or two) working in conjunction with it. More often than not, that other color is white. White also happens to be an “ally color” for green because it represents structure and order, which bodes well with green’s nature focus.
Voice of ResurgenceTherefore, it is no surprise then that green/white dual cards often pack a mean punch. The color combo has some awesome cards over the years because the colors mesh so well together. Some of my most successful decks utilize both green and white.

4. Green cards are visually appealing for me.

From an aesthetic standpoint, green cards are often beautiful. The artwork is pleasing to the eye. I love the greenish hues and undertones to make the card art pop.

Nissa, Nature's Artisan
In a game about five different magical colors interacting with one another, it says a lot when I am happy to see green.

5. Green cards are great cards in general.

At the end of the day, players choose certain cards strictly on what they can bring to the card table. Throughout MTG‘s history, green has always been a safe color choice.
Primeval TitanWhen you want raw power, green is good.

Overall, I love the color green because of MTG. What is your favorite color(s) to use?

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