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Prerelease for Eldritch Moon took place this weekend for Magic: The Gathering (MTG). I went to my local store to participate in a midnight prerelease event. I came so close, but I stumbled in the end. Nonetheless, finishing in the top four with this set proved to be quite fun.

Below are five random things I noticed while playing with this Eldritch Moon set.


My cards may not have been best, but I believe I made the strongest deck possible with the colors I chose.

1. Work with Your Cards
When playing prerelease, you are playing in a Limited format. With random cards based on the packs you open, players have to be crafty. You may not always get the strongest cards, but intuition comes in handy. Figuring out competent strategies with the cards you have is half of the challenge. To maximize your cards’ potential is another story.

Ishkanah, Grafwidow

This spider was my promo card.

2. Build Around “Bomb” Cards
In Limited play, bomb cards are the most important. They are what you should build your limited deck around when it comes to a “base” idea. Ishkanah, Grafwidow happened to be my promo card for this prerelease. Though nothing outstanding, this card won me a lot of games to take me into the top four. There is something very powerful about baby spiders. I have to say.

3. Do Your Homework
Before playing prerelease, researching the cards’ spoilers proved very useful. I kept my eyes open for specific cards I knew would be powerful. For instance, Blessed Alliance happened to be a key card in most of my matches. I pulled two of them for my deck, catching my opponents off-guard multiple times.
Blessed Alliance

Selfless Spirit

This card prevented me from winning a close match because I missed my timing.

4. Take Your Time
In the heat of a close game, players tend to get a bit antsy. I am no different. What separated me from getting into the top two came down to one point of Life and using a single card too late. In card games such as MTG, being aware of windows of opportunity can spell the difference between victory or defeat. Because I rushed my moves, I paid the price. Nonetheless, learning from mistakes is essential for improving as a player.

5. Have Fun
Disregard the match results and remember that prereleases are all about enjoying MTG as a whole. You get to try out a new set while hanging out with other fans of the game. When I just focused on playing the deck I made, my night became more pleasant. It was not about winning or losing. Everything became just about experiencing what MTG has to offer from a gameplay standpoint.

Overall, I enjoyed Eldritch Moon’s prerelease. With Eldritch Moon officially going on sale on July 22, I cannot wait to get my hands on some more new cards.


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