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Having a “solid” deck in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) entails a lot of different factors. With so many cards possible to choose from, many deck strategies will have their share of respective strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, having a deck competitive enough to float somewhere in the middle of the pack is hard to achieve.
Dark Confidant

However, in the Modern format, I believe Jund is the epitome of such a concept. Properly built, Jund does not necessarily have many great matchups per se, but it also does not have many awful ones as well. Its appeal stems from its versatility in dealing with just about any opposing strategy. A jack of all trades of sorts.

In other words, Jund as a whole is an excellent litmus test. I happen to playtest using a Jund proxy deck when playing with my friend.

Valuable Power

What makes Jund so practical? Well, value comes to mind. Every card in any typical Jund list brings value to the table – both to the card table and in a literal sense. A full Jund list with real paper cards can cost you a few thousand dollars. Minimum. It is a lot of money, as just about every card is pricey.

Nonetheless, you get what you pay for, and Jund has options for both offense and defense. For instance, Jund’s removal arsenal comes fully equipped when fighting creature-based decks.

If Jund is not going after your creatures, the deck can also attack you in other ways. Jund also has hand destruction as a weapon, card-drawing engines to sift through their deck and even a formidable creature army waiting in the wings.
Inquisition of KozilekBasically, Jund packs a lot of ways for playing against just about any opponent. This flexibility makes Jund a “safe” deck to run if you are willing to fork over the cash for it.

Let’s look at a Jund example played by Guillaume Perbet, who took first place at the 2016 World Magic Cup Qualifiers in France. Keep in mind many variations of Jund exist, so take this particular build as a base idea.

Modern Jund

Creatures (14)
1Grim Lavamancerr
4Dark Confidant1b
3Scavenging Ooze1g
2Kitchen Finks1gwgw
Spells (22)
4Inquisition of Kozilekb
4Lightning Boltr
2Abrupt Decaybg
1Collective Brutality1b
3Liliana of the Veil1bb
1Liliana, the Last Hope1bb
1Maelstrom Pulse1bg
Lands (24)
4Blackcleave Cliffs
1Blood Crypt
3Bloodstained Mire
1Overgrown Tomb
4Raging Ravine
1Stomping Ground
2Twilight Mire
4Verdant Catacombs
1Wooded Foothills
Sideboard (15)
1Engineered Explosivesx
1Grim Lavamancerr
2Nihil Spellbomb1
1Pithing Needle1
1Collective Brutality1b
3Blood Moon2r
1Liliana, the Last Hope1bb
2Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet2bb
75 Cards Total

Liliana of the VeilThis deck, valued at $2,000 or so as of the time of me writing this, won first place at the 2016 World Magic Cup Qualifiers for a reason. Every card in this deck is either expensive or just incredibly powerful for its color(s). With a deck like this, you can rest assured Jund will always be a competent strategy to utilize. Its combination of high-value cards and varied ways of capably taking down almost any opponent makes it a winner.

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