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The world of Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has the likes of dragons, angels, monsters and other mighty entities duking it out for supremacy. However, players should not forget about the power of humanity and what it brings to the MTG card table. Now that I think about it, regular humans are anything but regular when it comes to fighting prowess.

Just looking at what is legal in Standard play right now, a human tribal deck has plenty of choices to build a competent deck. More than plenty. It just boils down to which humans one chooses to use. Below are 10 of some of the”strongest” humans one can play in the current Standard block, in no particular order of significance. The only rule for this list is a card must be a human in their creature type in some way.

Now, without further ado:

The Power of Humanity

1. Reflector Mage
So right off the bat, one word comes to mind: bounce. Besides sending a key creature back to its owner’s hand, Reflector Mage also prevents you from bringing out more creatures with that same name until their next turn. Talk about a tempo-killer if you are on the receiving end.
Reflector Mage
2. Thraben Inspector
Who says a common card cannot be valuable? Starting off as a 1/2 creature is not too shabby for the beginning of the game. The investigate trigger sets up an extra card draw down the road when you need it. A deceptively efficient card. Indeed. Common card or not, Thraben Inspector is a money card when it comes to playability.
Thraben Inspector3. Kambal, Consul of Allocation
A “drain” effect whenever your opponent casts any spell that is not a creature? How taxing (for your opponent). When wedged into the right deck, Kambal, Consul of Allocation will surely make your opponent pay with their life.
Kambal, Consul of Allocation
4. Lambholt Pacifist
What starts off as a peace-loving person…
Lambholt Pacifist
… quickly turns into a giant werewolf!
Lambholt Butcher
Because this card comes out early, it puts the pressure on your opponent to be wary of a mid-sized threat.

5. Tireless Tracker
With an investigate trigger right off the bat, Tireless Tracker can already turn into a 4/3 creature the following turn with a card draw from your Clue. With artifact creation, card advantage and the ability to power itself up, Tireless Tracker will find you extra ways to win.
Tireless Tracker6. Pia Nalaar
Built-in synergy is always something a player should welcome with open arms. In addition, coming into play with a Thopter artifact means Pia Nalaar has plenty of options at her disposable for offense and defense.
Pia Nalaar

7. Voltaic Brawler
First off, this card comes supercharged with extra energy to fuel its own effect. Seriously, becoming a 4/3 creature with trample for one energy as a two-mana creature is absurdly efficient. Shockingly devastating.
Voltaic Brawler
8. Hanweir Garrison
Telling you right now from firsthand experience – Hanweir Garrison is a useful card. Making two tokens to attack alongside it is ideal for chipping in extra damage against an opponent’s board.
Hanweir Garrison9. Thalia’s Lieutenant
This card rewards you for playing a human tribal deck. It makes playing such a deck entirely worthwhile.
Thalia's Lieutenant10. Thalia, Heretic Cathar
Pretty, powerful and potent. Aside from destroying your opponent’s tempo, Thalia herself is a handy card to have on the battlefield. Needless to say, Thalai is a strong choice for any deck.
Thalia, Heretic Cathar

Overall, all of these human cards are low cost regarding their mana, expect to see these cards used in aggressive-based strategies. Note that there are plenty of other humans to consider outside of this list. The archetype is that loaded with options.

Magic: The Gathering card images belong to Wizards of the Coast.

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