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Wizards of the Coast wants to try out a pilot program for Magic: The Gathering (MTG). How intriguing! Standard Showdown: Kaladesh will officially begin on the Saturday of November 26 and will run every Saturday after that until December 17.

Wizards of the Coast designed Standard Showdown to grow the most popular format in the game. The event showcases a ranked Standard tournament with at least three rounds and a minimum of eight players, just like any sanctioned tourney. But what is the real appeal here? The possible loot in the form of special packs!

A Retail Revolution

Participating stores receive a retail promotion kit with the following content:

Kit Contents

  • Instruction sheet
  • With 40 Standard Showdown Booster Packs
  • Each booster pack contains three cards
  • Cards are drawn from Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon and Kaladesh and include: one foil of any rarity or a card from the Masterpiece series: Kaladesh Inventions or Zendikar Expeditions (drop rate 1/33)
  •  Two rares or mythic rares

Needless to say, these particular packs would be worth playing in an event just to get your hands on one. Every pack essentially has nothing but “good” cards in them, because who doesn’t like shiny stuff when it comes to foil cards?
MTG Cards
Wizards of the Coast wants to distribute 10 packs per event for the four-week span. They also recommend giving out the packs in the following manner: 1) undefeated players, 2) returning players from previous weeks, 3) new players, 4) players who brought a friend. Of course, be sure to check with your local stores to see how they plan on divvying up the prizes.

So prepare those Standard decks of yours just in time for Standard Showdown: Kaladesh. It looks like a ton of MTG fun with great prize support!

Magic: The Gathering images belong to Wizards of the Coast.

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