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As a followup to last week’s article, the opposite holds true in Magic: The Gathering (MTG). If there are cards a player loves to play, there would also be cards we would hate to go against during a match. Whether a card is inherently broken or frustrating in some manner, I have had my share of fits with various cards. Individual metagames made me want to take a break from MTG altogether due to a few problematic cards (in my book).

Below are 10 cards I despised for whatever reason in no particular order of significance. Remember – these are cards I don’t like personally.

1. Thragtusk
I have a bit of a personal history with this card as a player. When I was first learning how to play MTG, I had a bunch of ordinary cards at my disposal. Well, they were ordinary compared to the likes of Thragtusk.

Both of its effects are good and easy to trigger. The card is simple to cast, and the 5/3 body for five mana is absurdly generous. My gripes with this card stemmed from how so many decks just wedged this guy in if they were playing green without a thought.

Not to mention, there is a certain combo you could play with this card using a particular angel

2. Gray Merchant of Asphodel
This card quickly adopted the affectionate nickname of “Gary” among many MTG players. If you were ever on the receiving end of Gary back in the Theros block, many people quickly learned to hate Gary.

Gray Merchant of AsphodelAs the top end of the Mono Black Devotion deck that ran rampant during Theros, seeing a Gary probably meant you had lost the game due to his life-draining effect.

3. Desecration Demon
An overplayed component in the aforementioned Mono Black Devotion deck at the time, this card rustled my jimmies back then.

Desecration Demon
So in a nutshell, this card was a flying 6/6 body that costs only four mana. Its “downside” was how it tapped down if you fed it creatures as sacrifices. But by doing so, you made him stronger and stronger. With base stats already too high for its mana cost, Desecration Demon quickly became a glutton you expected in every Mono Black deck during the Theros metagame. You either fed this demon your army or die from it. I don’t like these choices.

4. Thoughtseize
You will notice a trend by now – I disliked the Theros block’s metagame. More accurately, I hated the versatility and power of the Mono Black deck and its variants. Thoughtseize played a significant role in adding toward the deck’s already eclectic arsenal of weapons.

Though the card could not target lands and you had to pay some of your life, being able to discard any other card from your opponent’s hand is useful in 99 percent of situations. Because your opponent could play it on their opening turn, they immediately had the means to destroy your tempo before you even begin.

ThoughtseizeIs there a key card in your hand? Oops. Thoughtseize just discarded it. Whether early or mid game, Thoughtseize gave your opponent information about your hand while eliminating essential components for your strategy.

5. Monastery Swiftspear
As one of the strongest red cards ever printed for its Standard metagame, Monastery Swiftspear hits you both hard and fast. If you are not careful, this card can blindside you for massive damage in a moment’s notice.
Monastery Swiftspear
I had gone against this card multiple times when this card was popular. Let’s just say getting hit for more than 20 damage in one turn (you start with 20 life) on the third/fourth turn is lame.

6. Ætherling
This card has a lot of options. Too many for my taste.

Designed as a “tie-breaker” card for the control matchupÆtherling ended up being used in just about any deck that had blue. If this card hit the board, expect it to stick around if you can survive the next few turns.

This card was super shifty. I managed to defeat this card once (by luck) in a weird situation. All of the other times, it was a mad race to win quickly.

7. Snapcaster Mage
OK, so this card has a cool history to it. Someone earned a very incredible prize to design a card. Regardless, this card is crazy good.
Snapcaster Mage

Being able to use any instant or sorcery card from your graveyard, potentially on your opponent’s turn if you wanted to, for just two extra mana to play a 2/1 creature on top of that is beyond amazing. Nevertheless, it is just too incredibly powerful. Special prize or not, this card was way too bonkers.

8. Terminus
Miracle is a nifty mechanic that rewards your luck with topdecking. The thing is, your opponent triggering miracle when they are losing is truly aggravating.
TerminusImagine winning and then your opponent plays Terminus with a miracle trigger, which sends all creatures in play to the bottom of the respective decks. Frustrating.

9. Jace, Architect of Thought
This card singlehandedly made me want to stop playing tournament MTG. I hated going against this card.
Jace, Architect of Thought

Overly useful abilities and the means to sift through your deck, this particular Jace card dominated the format for quite some time. Without a doubt, this is one Jace card I will always deem as a “mistake” for existing.

10. Back to Nature
Enchantment cards are my favorite type to use in the game. This card destroys all enchantments in play (and they can do it on your turn as well). This card is like kryptonite to me.
Back to NatureEvil card. Stay away!

Well, this was my top 10 despised cards. Again, these are just cards I personally hated for whatever reason. What kind of cards grind your gears in the game?

Magic: The Gathering card images belong to Wizards of the Coast.

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