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Many trailers were released at Paris Games Show 2017, and among the teasers was the first expansion pack for Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Confirmed back in September by Bungie after a leak on the Xbox Store, this was the first official look at the new expansion

Curse of Osiris will be centered around a Vex invasion of “past and future machines” on Mercury, and finding the formally-exiled and infamous Osiris–a name familiar to veteran Destiny players. For the first time, players will explore Mercury and a new zone called the “Infinite Forest.” Everyone will also have access to the Lighthouse, only known to those who went on a flawless run of the competitive weekend crucible event known as the Trials of Osiris back in the first Destiny.

A Glimpse Of The New Zone

In the world of Destiny, Osiris is a legendary Warlock and mentor to Ikora Rey, one of the main three Vanguards in the game. However, a thirst for truth turned into an obsession, and Osiris was exiled from the Tower as he started making reckless choices, thus endangering the Vanguard.

A Glimpse of Osiris

Players will get to meet Osiris and explore Mercury on December 5th, 2017. The expansion will bring more story missions, co-op activities, and more loot to the game. It is one of the two expansions planned for Destiny 2, and those who have the season pass will be able to download it upon release.

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