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In the past few months, the air of mystery surrounded Bungie’s latest project Destiny 2, has started to clear. Back in Late March, an Italian game retailer leaked information that the game would be out on September 8th of this year. Bungie confirmed this a week later as well, with a teaser and a full reveal a few days later.

Destiny 2 looks to expand on the massive universe that the previous game built. In the teaser and reveal trailer, we see familiar faces thrown from the tower. Separated, we see these past heroes mounting the strength to reclaim their old home.

Bungie wants Destiny 2 to be an experience that all can enjoy

Bungie wants Destiny 2 to be an experience that all can enjoy. To ensure this, they announced some controversial changes. All previous characters will lose their progression. Each character will basically have to start at level 0, just like the beginning of the first game. Also, the gear amassed in the first game will be lost as well. Bungie cites a cabal takeover of the tower for their reasoning.

So what then? Is this good, bad or somewhere in the middle? Well, that depends on what Bungie decides to do with this new game. We already know that the developers seek to overhaul the story of Destiny 2. In doing this, they want to give players characters they care about and a story they can follow.

These aspects were nowhere to be found in the first game for a while. In fact, only after the release of “The Taken King”, an expansion for the first game, did players get some semblance of a unified story. Before, the story felt like loosely related chunks of filler.


Destiny character shooting a revolver

The developers at Bungie create some of the best feeling games

So why did the game garner so much success then? The answer to that question lies in the gameplay. The developers at Bungie create some of the best feeling games. Take Halo for example. The feel behind Halo, the gunplay, the driving mechanics, these all played a part in making Halo an excellent game. The Destiny feel doesn’t stray too far from that of Halo. Bungie knows how to make their games fun and addicting.

The problem comes when that feel of the game has to be married with a story and content. The original game lacked in both of those areas. The story felt trapped behind a pointless destruction of a mass of enemies. This already provided an excuse for some players to check out. It didn’t help that the main way of progression in the game was to continuously complete the same missions, strikes, and raids.

The fact that it took a whole year to fix some of the issues in the game only added insult to injury in some player’s minds. Luckily, the community as a whole saw “The Taken King” as a drastic improvement to a flawed game. With a new story, raid and missions the size of the game almost doubled. This allowed players to connect with the game in a way that they hadn’t been able to before.

The team at Bungie saw the positive feedback as a chance to step back and expand on what worked. They wanted to incorporate these changes in Destiny 2. That may be why Bungie decided to forgo their original vision and plan Destiny 2 as a reboot of sorts.

What does Destiny 2 have to do?

So what does Destiny 2 have to do in order to live up to all of its hype? Well, first off, it starts with the story.


The shortcomings of the original game cannot be replicated in the sequel. Bungie needs to put a lot of focus into this game to make sure that the story is coherent. Players forgave their mistakes in the past. It’s doubtful that the will do it again.

Steady Content

Destiny 2 needs a steady stream of content. Another failure of the first game came in the span in which content released. The droughts became too long for some players to handle, and much of the player base dropped off during these drought periods.A destiny character giving a speech to an audience


Players who endured the lifespan of the original game need to be incentivized. As of now, original players may feel a bit lied to. At the creation of the Destiny universe, Bungie said that we would be able to take our characters through all ten years of the games. This isn’t the case, however. Day one players need to have something that makes the journey into Destiny 2 worth it.



MATCHMAKING FOR RAIDS! I repeat, Bungie please give players matchmaking for raids. Finding players for events in Destiny felt tedious. Players need a system that does this job for them and lets them get to the fun part. Please Bungie, give us raid matchmaking.

Are you looking forward to Destiny 2? Let us know why!

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