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The biggest announcement of the day comes from Bungie’s Livestream on Twitch. Destiny 2 is launching on September 8th of this year. Players will get to create their future because that is what destinies are made of…

Destiny 2 Storyline

Destiny 2 is an online only multiplayer first-person shooter game. Players get to travel through solar systems in order to take back your home. Let’s first look at the cinematic trailer (below) released today. Players will once again live in a post-apocalyptic world, giving us some gritty thoughts about the world we get to explore. Furthermore, we get to see the main character with an epic special ability which packs an extra punch (literally) when fighting his foes. Of course, there are some amazing cinematic styled shots. Feast your eyes on the trailer:

Since the merger with Activision, Bungie had another epic announcement. The game, in partnership with Activision and Blizzard, means that Destiny 2 is releasing on Battle.net! You can see the announcement here:

Other Information

As with any online game, Destiny 2 has a number of different classes to choose from like the Warlock or the Titan. Your objective is to fight for your life because of a large-scale war in progress. Although, you’ll have to play the game to find out more details on that front…

Another thing to note is that your characters from the first game will not carry forward like originally mentioned. Instead, players will keep their physical appearance if they achieved level 20 and completed the Black Garden quest line in the original. Bungie had this to say on the topic:

“Sequels represent the start of a new adventure for every player, with new worlds to explore, new stories to tell, new powers to acquire, new loot to earn, and much more. This led us to a decision that would enable us to serve both the game and the player’s best interests: Destiny 1 power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency will not carry forward. They will, however, remain accessible to you in Destiny 1.”

Should you be wondering, the source material for that quote can be found here.

Other Information

Destiny 2 will be available on all major platforms, allowing players to unite in the online multiplayer experience. On top of all of that, the game can be pre-ordered here, allowing access to the beta release of the game. Release date is September 8th, 2017. Fans are stoked!

Check out a couple of screenshots taken from the trailer:

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