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Diablo III, season 8 begins Friday October 21st.

This will be the 8th season for the game and it will have it’s own unique rewards, Conquests and more! It will be starting at 5:00PM PDT for North America, 5:00PM CEST in Europe and 5:00PM KST in Asia.

Looking Good

Season 8 will have a new rotation of cosmetic rewards like the previous seasons. Players will get another chance to gain the pieces of the Conqueror set, but there are two new unique items as well. There will be a new pair of ”wings” inspired by Diablo II’s, “Maiden of Anguish – Andariel”. Andariel was the only female and considered one of Diablo’s closest confidante. Another reward this season will bring is a portrait series in the style of the Burning Hells.

For the Stash

Players who have been enjoying the previous seasons and reached Conqueror should have earned a few extra stash tabs. This season, more tabs will be added in the rewards! To be able to earn it, the following requirements are needed:
– Complete a Tormen XIII Rift in under 5 minutes
– Complete a Greater Rift 60 solo
– Kill Greed on Torment XIII
– Kill Izual on Torment XIII in under 30 seconds
– Reforge a Legendary or set item
– Augment two Ancient items with Level 40 or greater Legendary Gems
– Level three Legendary Gems to 55
– Complete two Conquests

Conquests Hardcore Rotation

The Conquests will be rotating this season. For those who are thirsty for a challenge in hardcore, the Lionhearted is back (reach Greater Rift level 75 Solo, hardcore mode). Some other conquest this seasons will include Masters of the Universe (Master 8 of the following Set dungeons) and Master of the Sets which is the hardcore mode for the previous achievement.
Curses (kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on Torment X) and Stars Align for hardcore mode. Boss mode will require to kill the selected bosses at mal level on Torment  X within 20 minutes of the start of the game (the hardcore version of this is Worlds Apart). Finally, Years of the War and Dynasty will require to reach Greater Rift level 55 Solo with the bonuses of six of the Class sets selected.

Haedrig’s Gift

Haedrig’s Gift returns this season as well, letting players get a new class set for completing certain chapters in the Season Journey. The sets granted by Haedrig in Season 8 are:
– Immortal King’s Call for Barbarians
– Seeker of the Light for Crusaders
– Natalya’s Vengeance for Demon Hunters
– Uliana’s Stratagem for Monks
– Spirit of Arachyr for Witch Doctors
– Vyr’s Amazing Arcana for Wizards

Diablo’s 20th Anniversary at BlizzCon

Season 8 will start Friday, October 21 with a lot of returning features from the previous ones. Many players seem to be disappointed by the lack of new content for the season and for the game in general. However, let’s not forget that BlizzCon is right around the corner! News about what’s in store for Diablo III and a retrospective on Diablo’s 20-year legacy will be on the menu on November 4. It will also be the perfect day to ask all of those burning questions during the “dev talk” and Q&A for those who have the chance to be on location. There will be a Diablo 20th Anniversary panel this year for the occasion. The Lead Designer, Senior Game Designer, Lead VFX Artist and Art Director will be sharing some information about what lies ahead for the game.
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