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The Division Patch Notes 1.0.2

The Division has had a good albeit shaky start in its opening weeks. It kept players engaged enough to reach the max level and enter the Dark Zone and PvP, only to find that the penalties far outweigh the rewards. This left players with the only choice to grind levels repetitively while having very little conflict with other players. This patch will address these issues and give players a newfound enjoyment in the Dark Zone and beyond.

Mob Updates

One of the most popular ways to farm purple loot and Phoenix Credits is getting shut down as soon as it gained momentum. Named enemies will no longer respawn after they have been killed. No more killing our friend “Bullet King” repeatedly.

Skill Updates

Many weapons and skills have been tweaked, whether it’s due to bugs or for balancing purposes. One of the big skills used throughout the game is the Static Turret. It can stun enemies and render them useless for a short time and make it much easier to kill enemies and stay alive. The Static Turret now has a cooldown timer on its attack in order to prevent stunlocking enemies in regards to PvP and PvE. This brings up the question whether the Static Turret will still be useful, or if players will have to find another tool to use. While the Static Turret got a nerf, the Seeker Mine got a bug fix for when they would detonate too early and not damage enemies. This could mean that the Seeker Mine’s may make a bigger appearance as they will be doing much more damage than before.

seeker mines

We may be seeing more explosions via Seeker Mines

Dark Zone PvP Updates

Some much needed changes have been made to the Dark Zone, which will hopefully make it much more fun and rewarding. For starters, players can now heal each other even if they aren’t in a group together. Go teamwork! Players are now able to teleport directly to the Dark Zone checkpoints instead of having to run to the entrance; a much desired change to improve the quality of the game. The big news is that the penalties for dying have been reduced, whether a player is rogue or non-rogue. Rewards are also improved for surviving while in Rogue status, as well as rewards for killing a Rogue player. This is a huge boost to the Dark Zone and finally gives players a reason to cause conflict and hunt down Rogue agents. The Dark Zone seems like it’s going to be what it was meant to be in the first place, a true PvP zone. Remember in the beta where players were going Rogue left and right? It may not reach that extent since players have more to lose now instead of in the beta, but I’m hopeful for more excitement and chasing down some Rogue’s.
In addition to the changes already listed, better loot will also be found throughout the Dark Zone. Level 30 chests will now give purple items instead of blue, while the chests that require Dark Zone keys have a chance to drop high-end (gold) items.  Named bosses we all love to hunt down and farm will now have a higher chance of dropping high-end gear if it level 31 or 32. This also includes the drop rate of high-end division tech material which can be converted to any material in the Base of Operations. Although, with the increase in drops, came the decrease in Dark Zone Funds dropped from NPC’s. This shouldn’t have too big of an impact on players since enemies are everywhere and the cost of items isn’t too steep.
now purples

These chests will now give purple loot.

These changes in The Division’s newest patch could very well revitalize the player community and Dark Zone experience. It won’t be such a grind-fest to find and kill NPC’s all day and night. Instead, players will have to be on the lookout for players going Rogue similar to the beta experience. The suspense paired with the possibility of getting betrayed by non-hostile agents at an extraction or running down a street will be very real. Gone are the days of everyone being friendly and not wanting to lose experience. Now is the time to always watch your back, because everyone is a threat!

See you in the Dark Zone, agents.

For full patch note details, you can find them on the Ubisoft website here: http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-gb/news/patch1.0.2

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