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There are new changes coming to general gameplay, the Dark Zone, the crafting system, and of course the Incursion mission “Falcon Lost!” Save the date for the new update; April 12th.


The turrets are now unable to suppress NPCs throughout the game. It made named NPCs too easy to be killed while they didn’t fight back. Turret’s getting a nerf yet again. They could still possibly be useful in the Dark Zone against other players, but not nearly as much for fighting NPCs.

Rerolling High-End loot is going to cost normal credits as opposed to Phoenix Credits. This will seemingly make it easier to get the perfect stats, unless the cost to reroll is high. Challenging missions will still likely be farmed for Phoenix Credits and normal credits. We’ll have to wait and see how much everything costs when the update rolls out.

Phoenix Credits will no longer be used for rerolling stats

Normal Credits will be used to reroll stats instead of Phoenix Credits

While normal credits are now being used to reroll stats, more Phoenix Credits will now drop from level 30-32 named NPC’s.

  • Level 30’s will drop 1-3 Phoenix Credits
  • Level 31’s will drop 2-4 Phoenix Credits
  • Level 32’s will drop 3-5 Phoenix Credits

With these changes, it will be easier to get blueprints and buy high-end items, but it seems like Phoenix Credits will go down in value after a few weeks. It may change from, “oh cool Phoenix Credits,” to “oh, just Phoenix Credits.”

Dark Zone

The Church safe house in Dark Zone (DZ) 06 will charge Dark Zone funds instead of Phoenix Credits. This further enforces that Phoenix Credits will go down in value. Along with the the economy change, the level requirements for buying Dark Zone items is going down.

  • Purple items require DZ level 15 – Previous level requirement was 30
  • Gold level 30 (Gear Score 163) items require DZ level 25 – Previous level requirement was 50
  • Gold level 30 (Gear Score 182) items require DZ level 40 – Previous level requirement was 50
The currency to buy items here is now Dark Zone Funds

Items in this church safe house will cost Dark Zone Funds instead of Phoenix Credits

This reduces the amount of grinding it will take to get the highest level gear and could promote actual gameplay in the Dark Zone. Especially now that Supply Drops are being added to the Dark Zone. Expect to see more rogues due to the lower level requirement to buy items. Ubisoft is definitely trying to make the Dark Zone more enjoyable and less of a grind.


Many changes are coming to the crafting world in The Division. Currently, the most common way of getting level 31 high-end items is through crafting. Next is purchasing from vendors, then plain drops from NPCs. In an effort to combat solely crafting to get the best gear, named NPCs will now always drop a high-end (gold) item. Holy crap, gold drops will be everywhere now.

Crafting will still be an option, but it’s going to take more materials in order to craft items. Items will also give less parts when they are deconstructed.

  • 10 green materials will be needed to craft 1 blue material – up from previously 5 needed materials
  • 15 blue materials will be needed to craft 1 gold material – up from only needing 5
  • 10 gold materials will be needed to craft a full gold item – up from 8 materials

It’s obvious that crafting will no longer be the go-to choice for leveling up to 30 for new players. Green and blue items will likely be sold for credits instead of used for crafting. Especially now that normal credits are also used for rerolling stats on high-end items. While it will cost more materials to craft gold items, it shouldn’t hurt players much at all with the major increase in gold drops.

Deconstruction of green and gold items is going to be reduced as well.

  • Green items will give 1 material – down from 2
  • Gold items will also give 1 material – down from 2

I’d definitely recommend selling green and blue items while leveling up instead of scrapping them for parts. There is seemingly going to be little to no incentive to craft using those materials. Sell them for credits and go for the gold drops. It will still be viable and useful to save, deconstruct, and craft.

Crafting is the primary source of getting the best high-end gear

The majority of players utilize crafting to get the best gear before Update 1.1

High-End Item Drops

With gold items always dropping from named NPCs, the question arises: will the drops be any good? For starters, level 30 named NPCs will drop a high-end item with a gear score of 163. Gear Score values have not been listed for level 31 and 32 named NPC drops. (Gear score recommended to enter the incursion)

The drop tables have been changed to make named NPCs have a higher chance to drop a certain item type. Ubisoft has made sure to leave it unknown as to which named NPCs will drop which type of item, so it’s up to the players to farm and work together to figure it out.

Those gold items can still be deconstructed for materials and used to craft new items. Division Tech is also needed to go along with the gold parts to craft items using blueprints gained from the Dark Zone, and a change is coming for the drop rate as well. Level 32 named NPCs will have an increased drop rate for Division Tech by 40%.

The current gear score recommendation is 150

The Incursion will have a recommended gear score of 150 – Subject to change

Noteworthy Changes

The bug that was preventing players from entering the game due to too many items in their inventory has been fixed! This had to do with crafting or having a backpack with extra inventory slots. Joining friends or switching to another character on the same account with a lower backpack inventory, could prevent players from entering the game.

A new reporting feature is coming to the PC version of The Division. Players can now type /report into the chat box to report players for cheating. First time offenders who are punished will receive a 3-day suspension. Repeat offenders will get their account fully banned. Report all those hackers in the Dark Zone!


There are tons of additions and changes coming to The Division in Update 1.1. An end game is now apparent, there’s new gear to hunt down, the Dark Zone is getting an upgrade, and much more. Hardcore players may complete the new content quickly, but I have faith that this update will keep the majority of players busy (and very happy) for some time.

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