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The Division Update 1.1

The Division Update 1.1 will feature many new changes and a brand new mission type called Incursion. Other new aspects include gear sets, trading, assignments and more! The update rolls out onto all platforms on April 12.

Incursions – Falcon Lost

The Incursion is a new mission type that is intended to be more difficult than even the already challenging missions available. A well-rounded and skilled team will be required in order to take on even the base difficulty, which is Hard. In addition to needed a fantastic team, each member will also need to have level 31 high-end gear to play through the mission effectively. The final boss is an APC that will take a new kind of strategy to beat. A developer for The Division stated today in their stream, “don’t just rely on your guns and skills to beat it.” Which could possibly mean that we may have to use the environment, or maybe sabotage the APC in some way. It will not be able to be killed by simply shooting it for an extended time. It will take many attempts to complete it, especially without any checkpoints throughout the mission. Think the Hard difficulty is too easy? Don’t worry, there’s also a Challenging difficulty to the Incursion.

The Falcon Lost Incursion level.

The level layout to expect at the end of the Falcon Lost Incursion

With a difficult mission to beat also includes great rewards. A weekly bonus reward will be given for completing the mission for the first time in a week. Beating it additional times will still grant players normal rewards that will be well worth it. Players have a chance to get a new piece of gear that will be part of one of the three new gear sets that are brand new to The Division. It was stated in the Ubisoft stream that completing the Challenging difficulty of the Incursion is a sure fire way to get a piece of the new gear sets. It was also said that, “there might be a nice gun” after being asked what one of the rewards could be for completing the Incursion. With that note, there will definitely be new high-end gear and new named weapons!

Gear Sets

There are three new gear sets that are being introduced that will offer bonus talents if all of the pieces are obtained and equipped. Each piece of the gear set does not have a talent, which high-end gear does have. This gives players the choice to either try and get all of the pieces of the gear set to get a new talent that has not been seen in the game, or stick with their trusty high-end gear. High-end gear will not be obsolete with the introduction of gear sets. They are displayed as a bright green color (rarity) and offer new talents that have yet to be seen in The Division. These new gear sets will offer a new way to play the game, as they give more specific perks for certain types of players. There will be three sets of gear that can be collected, each with their own set name:

Gear Sets will be the new sought after gear

Gear Sets will be shown as green items with a logo

  • Sentry’s Call – Meant for precision based players or marksmen
  • Striker’s Battle Gear – For more combat assault players
  • Technicians Authority – Made to compliment support players

The gear can be obtained namely, but not limited to the Incursion. The Incursion will not be able to be farmed in order to collect all of the available gear. Certain gear will have to be collected elsewhere, such as other challenging missions or the Dark Zone. This seems like a good choice, as players will not get burned out playing only the Incursion repeatedly just to get the gear they want. They will also be able to be gained from buying blueprints, but who knows how many materials will be needed to craft them.

Gear Score

Armor that is level 30 and above will be displayed as a score instead of a level. This will more accurately show how strong your character is. Most players will be expected to be level 30 by this point, and currently there is no distinction as to which level 30 player is stronger. Gear score will also be displayed for team members next to their names in the bottom right corner while they are in your group. This is especially important in finding members who are strong enough to play in the Incursion, which also displays a recommended gear score to play. Players gear score will be used in determining how to pair up players if they choose to do matchmaking in order to find a group for the Incursion. The matchmaking system will also check each players inventory to determine the highest possible gear score to properly match people together.


A new addition to the game is assignments for all players to be able to complete on a daily and weekly basis. A weekly goal will require more time and effort to complete, while daily assignments can be completed with ease. This gives players something extra to complete and gain bonus rewards for doing them. They can be done while completing daily missions, in the dark zone, etc. It is simply giving players extra bonuses for playing the game. Assignments can be found in the missions tab of the map and will not require players to talk to an NPC to start or turn in (woo hoo!). Assignments will require players to play in the dark zone, craft items, and fight specific enemies. We’ll see if there are other assignments waiting in store. Players can expect to gain phoenix credits, division tech, and other good rewards from completing these assignments.

The APC to overcome in the Falcon Lost Incursion

A glimpse at the APC boss to fight in the Falcon Lost Incursion

Supply Drops

The Dark Zone is also getting some love in Update 1.1. Supply drops are boxes that will be dropped from the sky in random areas throughout the Dark Zone. They will be protected by enemies and only the first person or group to open the box will be able to obtain the rewards. This will undoubtedly create havoc as players rush to get to get the items as fast as possible. The supply drops will only appear once per hour and offer “really good loot” as stated by The Division developers. These drops will not need to be extracted, as they are not contaminated. This eliminates the likely chance that agents get to the drop late and kill the lucky players who got the items. At the least, the newly obtained items will not be lost.


Players have been hoping for some kind of trading system since the beta. Wouldn’t you hate to see a friend get a second high-end item they don’t need, when you don’t even have one? Players will be able to drop their item(s) after picking them up for only other group members to pick up. There is a 2-hour window where players can drop their items to trade. This can be done in the Dark Zone as well, but only if the player dropping the item is in a checkpoint or safe zone.

Items will be able to be traded with group members

Items will be able to be picked up and dropped for group members

Spectator Camera

Last but not least, a spectator camera is being added for players who have fallen in battle. Dead players will now be able to change their viewpoint to other group members instead of staring in the same direction until they respawn. This does not include a free-cam mode. Players can still move the camera to look in different directions, but it will be mounted to only other group members.


New Incursion will require very good players with great gear in order to complete. Gear sets can be obtained throughout the game to play the game in a whole new way and will compete with high-end gear. Gear that is level 30 and above will now display a score instead of a level to show how strong or weak you really are. Players are given new assignments to complete on a daily and weekly basis to gain rewards. Supply drops will fall every hour in the Dark Zone at a random location. Get to it before everyone else does! Items can be dropped to “trade” with other group members after they have been obtained. Dead players can now watch their other group members who are still alive with the spectator camera instead of staring off into space as they lie on the ground.

I can’t wait for this update. It brings a sort of new end-game that The Division is currently lacking. At the least, it’ll offer players a new challenge to overcome. Who’s ready to get dominated in the Incursion? Not I, that APC is getting destroyed!



All images taken from Tom Clancy’s The Division are property of Ubisoft.

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